12 Dog Door Facts You May Not Know

12 Dog Door Facts You May Not Know  

You might assume there’s not much more to know about dog doors beyond their usefulness to allow your pet to go in and out without the need for you to get up from the couch. In addition to their role in preserving your well-earned couch time for you, there are other things about your pet door that you might benefit from learning…

12 Facts You May Not Know About Dog Doors

  1. An energy-efficient dog door, such as Pet Door Products sliding door with dog door, made with low-E glass will help reduce your electricity bills!
  2. For homes in severe climate regions with extreme winds and cold, an optional double flap for your pet door creates an extra-insulative air space to help prevent air leaks.
  3. If your dog is hesitant to use the new pet door, you can practice holding the door open with one hand and throwing a snack or favorite toy through the opening. Or, a familiar human who fits the door can get down on all fours and show the dog how to go through.
  4. You can install a sliding glass door with dog door, for a sleek, state-of-the-art little entryway that becomes an attractive and durable component of your home’s structure.
  5. A natural concern about dog doors is that a criminal could use the entrance to access the home. There are pet doors available with security features, including a sliding automatic or manual locking door cover.
  6. The removable dog door panel insert from Pet Door Products does not require structural alteration of your existing patio door, making it ideal for rentals. The high-performance insert panel and Endura® flap combine for exceptional energy efficiency, so you can have a top-quality pet door in your rental.
  7. Your pet door must be wide enough for your dog to pass through it comfortably, but you do not need a pet door as tall as your dog. Typically, pets duck their heads when going through such an opening.
  8. The Pet Door Products Endura Flap blocks cold to as low as –40F and withstands winds up to 50 mph, preventing drafts for reduced energy costs and improved home comfort.
  9. Our top-quality pet doors provide UV protection to help prevent sun damage to your flooring, furniture, artworks, and other possessions inside your home.
  10. Pet Door Products is one of the few dog door manufacturers offering customizations to upgrade your pet door for optimized energy efficiency in extreme temperatures and winds.
  11. Pet Doors are not just for dogs. Our state-of-the-art cat doors come in a variety of designs to fit any lifestyle, including cat doors for sliding glass door, window-mount, and door-mount models, with optional sliding security covers.
  12. Pet Door Products offers the industry’s best warranty — our 15 Year Limited Warranty for dog doors used on residential properties. So, you can install your new dog door with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re protected from issues that require correction.

The World’s Most Innovative and Efficient Pet Door

We provide the best dog door for sliding glass door installation available today. Our stunning high-performance sliding glass door with dog door model and our window-mount pet door (which does not require installation) excel above other options on the market. The durability and energy efficiency in these pet accesses and the warranty protection and customer support provided, make these amazing dog doors today’s best value in pet door products.

For information or to order an energy-efficient pet door for your home, call Pet Door Products at (801) 973-8000, or use our contact form here on the website!

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