Sliding Glass Cat Door

  • Backed by a 15-Year Warranty!
  • Safe, Energy-Efficient Flap for Pets
  • Secure Locking Cover to Prevent Unwanted Guests
  • Variety of Sizes for All Pets from Cats to Great Danes
  • Double Flap Option for Additional Weather Resistance
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Pet Door Products makes life easier for pet owners by providing a replacement sliding glass pet door insert that fits right into your existing vinyl door frame. This means that pet owners can begin enjoying benefits of their dogs and cats being able to let themselves out at all times of the day and night.

The energy-efficient design of the replacement sliding glass pet door conversion system allows you to leave the pet door open. If you need to keep pets inside, a simple door insert helps “lock” the door. Pet Door Products is the manufacturer, Not the dealer; this means there is no “middle man mark-up,” producing immediate savings for the consumer. If you’re interested in replacing your existing patio door glass with new sliding glass with a built-in pet door, contact Pet Door Products today!

Who Can Benefit from a Replacement Sliding Glass Pet Door Conversion System?

The sliding glass pet door is ideal for many kinds of animal lovers. For those who cannot easily make it up and down the stairs, the pet door allows the animal to let themselves out as many times as necessary, thereby reducing the risk of the owner falling down the stairs. The replacement sliding glass pet door is also ideal for those working long hours. Pets benefit from consistency, such as being able to relieve themselves outside at set times. That is difficult for those who are away from home late into the day, resulting in messy accidents–a risk that only grows as the dog gets older. Fortunately, the replacement sliding glass pet door allows pet owners to work those long hours with the peace of mind knowing they won’t come home to any nasty surprises. Speaking of surprises, one of the greatest joys of buying this sliding glass pet door is that your pets no longer wake you up in the middle of the night to take them outside!


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