Sliding Glass Cat Door


Best Pet Door for Cats

  • Backed by a 15-Year Warranty!
  • Safe, Energy-Efficient Flap for Pets
  • Secure Locking Cover to Prevent Unwanted Guests
  • Variety of Sizes for All Pets from Cats to Great Danes
  • Double Flap Option for Additional Weather Resistance


The Pet Door Products’ innovative new cat door for sliding glass doors is a sleek, energy-efficient design that fits right into your home’s existing panel. The sleek pet door for sliding glass doors becomes a part of your sliding glass door — installed directly into your sliding glass door panel. Cats can enter and exit without help from you or anyone else in the house which provides them with much-needed independence!

The ultimate convenience comes not only through saving time when opening up their own space but also by giving these furry friends more privacy because they’re able to go about doing what cats do best – exploring all corners of this beautiful world while staying away (mostly) unnoticed.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Cat Door from Pet Door Products

  • Simplicity —In under an hour, a professional glass repairman replaces the original glass.
  • The finest sliding glass cat door conversion available
  • It allows you to operate your sliding glass door as usual.
  • Customized conversion kit that fits your existing frame
  • Famous for its energy efficiency
  • Endura Flap
  • Pets can come in or leave whenever they like
  • It’s more appealing and functional
  • The cat door has a magnetic seal and locking system

Sliding Glass Door Sizes for Cats Large and Small

If you are looking for the best cat doors for sliding glass door or a cat door for windows, contact Pet Door Products in Salt Lake City! We have a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from! Replace your existing patio door glass with the best cat doors for sliding glass doors from Pet Door Products.

Call Us at (801) 973-8000 for a FREE Quote on the Best Sliding Glass Cat Doors!

Flap Sizes

Pet Door Window Insert Size Chart

Flap Size Flap Dimension Height To Raise Window
Small 6″ w x 11″ h 18 1/2″
Medium 8″ w x 15″ h 22 1/2″
Large 10″ w x 19″ h 26 1/2″
Extra Large 12″ w x 23″ h 30 1/2″

Window Pet Door Adjustment Ranges Include

22″ – 25″ 25″ – 28″ 28″ – 31″ 31″ – 34″ 34″ – 37″ 37″ – 40″ 40″ – 43″


Pet Door Products warrants this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 15 years from the date of delivery to the customer. Damage caused by accident, improper installation or maintenance, acts of God, neglect, modifications to the product, abuse or normal wear, including damage by pets or glass breakage, is specifically excluded from this warranty. The pet door (flap) component part of this product is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer, Endura Flap, and is therefore specifically excluded from this warranty. Customer is notified that Endura Flap offers an independent 15-year warranty as separately detailed.  Instructions for making claims under the Endura Flap warranty.  For full warranty details or to make a claim, please visit our warranty page here.



Important Note

 All sales are final, no return.



55 lbs


82 × 2 × 36 in

Glass Types


Pet Door Insert Size

25″-37″ x 65″-77″, 25″-37″ x 78″-90″, 38″-45″ x 65″-77″, 38″-45″ x 78″-90″

Pet Door Size

Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

Insert Thickness

1″, 3/4″, 5/8″, 7/8″



Available Vinyl Colors

Sliding Door Direction

Call For a Quote on the Best Cat Doors for Doors - Cat Door Inserts for Sliding Glass

Pet Door Products makes life easier for pet owners by providing a replacement sliding glass pet door insert that fits right into your existing vinyl door frame. This means that pet owners can begin enjoying the benefits of their dogs and cats being able to let themselves out at all times of the day and night.

The advanced features of the Pet Door Products cat door for sliding glass doors make our unique pet access the best sliding cat door available today. The superior construction and high energy efficiency features of this industry-leading cat access door include:

  • Thermal Glass: The cat door is mounted in a high-performance sliding glass door replacement panel made from energy-efficient Low-E glass.
  • Energy-Efficient Framing: The aesthetically attractive cat door frame is designed to blend into the structure of your sliding glass door system with durable vinyl framing.
  • High-Performance Door Flap: The Endura Flap is the industry leader in quality pet door covers. The tough but pliable translucent polyolefin polymer of the Endura Flap withstands temperature extremes under –40°F.
  • Magnetic Seal: The cat door flap is bordered with magnetic seals that instantly seal the cat door as your pet enters and exits through the opening. The magnetic closing functionality is made to keep the door firmly closed while maintaining the sensitive, easy-push opening that small cats need.
  • Slide Cover Lock Option: A convenient slide insert is available to “lock” the sliding glass cat door when you want to keep your cat inside.

The energy-efficient design of the replacement sliding glass pet door conversion system allows you to leave the pet door open. If you need to keep pets inside, a simple door insert helps “lock” the door. Pet Door Products is the manufacturer, Not the dealer; this means there is no “middle man mark-up,” producing immediate savings for the consumer. If you are interested in replacing your existing patio door glass with a new sliding glass with a built-in pet door, contact Pet Door Products today!


Can I Benefit from a Replacement Sliding Glass Pet Door Conversion System?

The sliding glass pet door is ideal for all kinds of animal lovers. For those who are older or disabled and find it difficult to make it up and down the stairs, the pet door allows your animal to let themselves out as often as they would like. The replacement sliding glass pet door is also perfect for those of us who work long hours. Your pets will benefit from consistency being able to relieve themselves outside at set times. That is difficult for those who work late into the day, resulting in messy accidents–a risk that only gets worse as your pet gets older. Fortunately, replacement sliding glass pet doors from Pet Door Products allows pet owners to work long hours with the peace of mind knowing they won’t come home to a nasty surprise. Speaking of surprises, one of the additional joys of this sliding glass pet door is there is no more waking up in the middle of the night to let your pet outside!

How Do I Measure My Cat for Cat Doors?

In order to measure your cat for a cat door, you need to complete a few steps. The first step is to determine the flap width. It’s simple since all you need to do is open a sliding door wide enough to have your cat walk through and have a one-inch clearance gap on both sizes. The width that the door is open is the minimum flap width you need. The next step is to determine the height of the flap. The top needs to be as high as the top of your cat’s shoulder. Measure from the floor to that point of your cat. Then determine the door size. Doors come in four sizes and, based on previous measurements, you need a door that is at least as tall and wide as your cat.

How Do You Train a Cat to Use a Cat Door?

Some cats won’t need to be trained to use a cat door but if you do need to train your cat, you will need cat treats, a laser pointer, some patience, and time. For treats, you want to make sure that it’s not the usual food but instead something extra special. When you are first training your cat, keep the flap open and sit outside with a treat to encourage the use of the door. Laser pointers can work well to entice cats that aren’t sure about stepping through the flap. Make a safe space outside for your cat since cats love to hide in something that will make them feel safe.

How Do You Install Cat Doors?

You can get your cat door professionally installed by one of our friendly team members, or there is a DIY option. If you want to install the door yourself, you need to have a putty knife, drill and drill bits, screwdriver, glazing tape, and a tape measure.

Can I Lock the Cat Door When on Vacation or Not in Use?

There is an optional security plan that allows you to lock the door when you need to. The secure interior locking system can make the pet door even more secure than a locked window.

How Much Does the Cat Door Cost?

The cost of your cat door will depend on the size of the door and your needs. If you want the door professionally installed, then that will increase the cost. Call us with your door measurements so we can give you a custom quote.

Size Guide

Measure a Cat for a Locking Cat Door With This Size Guide - How to Measure Your Cat for a Glass Pet Door


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Customer Reviews

What Our Pet Door Customers Are Saying

Kaylie Shaw
May 31, 2024

Patrick was awesome! He was super helpful and detailed with the whole process.

Levi Peterson
May 31, 2024

Great product and great experience through the whole process! Patrick really helped us find the right fit for our dog.

Scott Eliot
May 31, 2024

We had a great experience working with Patrick. He gave us a fair quote and the install was quick. Our dog Charlie loves being able to come in and out as he needs. When I get a bigger house with more doors I’ll be sure to reach back out to Pat and the Pet Door team.

Mandi Jones
May 26, 2024

We love our pet door. It’s a clean and professional look. Highly recommend.

Angela Sachs
May 24, 2024

Pet Door Products have been wonderful to work with. They are quick and reliable! I was a bit worried about my VERY LARGE lab fitting through the door but it’s perfect and both of my dogs picked up on it so quickly. I also love that the magnet that keeps the flap closed is strong enough to stay closed during wind storms. Can’t say enough about this product and how much my dogs and my family are enjoying this.

Stacy Basham
April 29, 2024

Excellent service, great install and very high quality product. Very impressed with the durability and structure of the product. Would recommend to family and friends.

Adam Lay
April 29, 2024

Great experience overall with Pet Door Products. They came out quickly to get me a quote, and once the glass was in stock they came out promptly to install it. The end result is beautiful, my dog loves the ability to go out on his own and I love that I can lock my sliding door again!

Holly Smith
April 29, 2024

We’ve been needing a dog door for awhile. Pet Door products made getting a door super easy. Everyone was so nice. The install was fast and the door arrived before expected. We tried another company before Pet Door Products and we did not have a good experience. Nobody followed up and they didn’t come back when they were suppose to. But Pet door products was the exact opposite. Fast, friendly, professional and a great product. My dog is enjoying the door and I am glad I don’t have to get up anymore to let her out. Win win for all! Holly Smith

Reilly Kelly-bloxham
April 29, 2024

Pat was great to work with and explained how everything would get installed. Pricing was extremely fair and the install only took about 35 min. 10/10 recommend if you’re on the fence about getting one.

Charisse Olsen
April 26, 2024

So far I've been very happy with my experience. I called Pet Door Products and in less than 24 hours had an appointment and meeting with their Representative Patrick. The process has been quick and easy and very informative I would highly recommend the company.

Nick Birdzell
April 25, 2024

Great service from Patrick. Quick responses great customer service

Kaelin Griffiths
March 28, 2024

Quick and simple, I recommend! My dogs figured it out quick. It’s been so nice to have, especially during bad weather when I’m not home, knowing the dogs can come in and out as they need.

Kody Mayo
March 28, 2024

We love it. Much better than cutting a hole in the side of my home. It looks great, fits perfectly and is great quality.

Dylan Harding
March 28, 2024

Got a door installed a few months ago and it was a breeze! Patrick is such a great guy and met all my dog door needs!

Tom Caswell
March 28, 2024

Patrick and his team were always on time and professional. They did an excellent job with top quality materials for about half the price of the other quote I got. Highly recommended!