How to Install Your Sliding Glass Pet Door

You can view the DIY installation video and also follow along in the steps below:

Step (1) Remove all 4 glass stops using a putty knife or similar tool.

Insert the putty knife into the seam between the stop and door frame. Gently tap and pull stop out of its slot then completely remove them. Set these aside in a safe place. You will reinstall them at the end of the installation.

Step 1 Pet Door Installation - Dog Door Installation - Pet Door Products

Step (2) Separate Glazing Tape Between the Glass and Frame

Using a putty knife or razor knife to separate the glass from the frame. Insert the knife under the frame on the back side of the door (opposite the side where the glass stops go. Slide knife around the entire frame until the glass unit is free. Be careful not to drop the glass unit as you are freeing it from the from.

Step 2 Pet Door Installation - Dog Door Installation - Pet Door Products

Step (3) Remove Existing Glass from Frame

Carefully tip the top of the glass unit out of the frame towards your body. Then lift out the glass unit. Place the glass unit in a safe place for disposal.

Step 3 Pet Door Installation - Dog Door Installation - Pet Door Products

Step (4) Remove Old Glazing Tape Around Inside Edge of Sliding Door Frame

Using a razor knife or putty knife, carefully scrape away the old glazing tape to clean up the frame. Be sure not to cut or damage the edges and outside of the frame.

Step 4 Pet Door Installation - Dog Door Installation - Pet Door Products

Step (5) Apply Glazing Tape to the Door Frame

Apply glazing top along the inside of the door frame where the old tape used to be located. Ensure that the tape goes around the entire frame.

Step 5 Pet Door Installation - Dog Door Installation - Pet Door Products

Step (6) Place Pet Door Insert Inside the Frame of Door Panel

First ensure that your glass shims do not cover the slots for the glass stops. Then, carefully insert the bottom of the pet door unit. Once the bottom is fully inserted, work the pet door unit into the frame, applying pressure as you move up the frame. Push the pet door unit in snuggly until flush on all sides.

Step 6 Pet Door Installation - Dog Door Installation - Pet Door Products

Step (7) Gently Tap 4 Glass Stops Back into Place

Using a soft mallet to gently tap the glass stops back into place. Make sure you do the longest ones first. All 4 pieces should fit back perfectly as before.

Step 7 Pet Door Installation - Dog Door Installation - Pet Door Products

Step (8) Replace the door sash and you are done!

The whole door panel should slip into the frame. Start with the top and lift the panel over the bottom lip.

Step 8 Pet Door Installation - Dog Door Installation - Pet Door Products

Frequently Asked Questions for DIY Pet Door Installation  > Download DIY Instructions

Pets need to lead a happy, comfortable life, and installing pet doors are one way to enhance their living. There are several benefits associated with pet doors, which include:

• They help pets live actively since regular movements act as a form of exercises, thereby stimulating their mind.
• Boredom related conducts like chewing pillows, clothing, and other items in the house are significantly minimized.
• When a cat or a dog engages in movements, their confidence and boldness greatly increase.
• A pet door allows them to endorse freedom in performing various activities such as relieving a call of nature.

Usually, “Through the Glass” dog doors consist of glass panels with an upper glass portion and a doggie door glass insert at the bottom. Manufacturers will deliver the whole package as one unit with the dog door already pre-installed. This glass panel can either fit into the old patio frame, or a customer can purchase a new frame since the package does not include one. Installing the frame plus the glass panel, one might have to hire professionals from a glass door installation company.

While hiring professionals is a viable option, DIY pet door installation might be a considerable decision. Below is a list of tools you will need to install a pet door by yourself.
• Tape measure
• Glazing tape
• Screwdriver
• Drill and drill bits
• Jigsaw
• Putty knife
So, while considering a DIY pet door in glass panels, here are essential things you need to know.

Installation spot: You need to identify a preferred place of installing the pet door; whether in a window, patio door, main door or garage door. Glass panels are customizable for particular frames hence suitable for different spots.
Pet’s size: Your pet should fit in the door, and hence you need to determine their size. This will guide you on the size of the door slot to make which should accommodate the largest of your pets if you have several.
Install: after determining these parameters and obtaining the glass panel, install by following these steps.
• Gently remove glass tops using a putty knife
• Scrap off previously used glazing tape and remove the old glass panel
• On the new frame, put on glazing tape along the edge
• Place the pet door glass panel on the space by tapping the stops

If a pet door flap gets broken or faulty, then it necessitates replacement. Although this can only happen after a prolonged period or if unintentionally interfered with, our company sells replacement parts and hence you need to make an order.

Here are significant considerations you need to make while taking your dog’s allowable measurement.
• Height of the flap: The height of your pet from the ground up to its shoulder level should help you determine a suitable flap’s height. It should be slightly above the tallest pet’s shoulders.
• Width of the flap: Your pet’s shoulder breadth should guide on the width as well. It should leave an allowance of at least an inch from both of the pet’s sides.
• Door size: Ultimately, available dog doors in the market determines it all. Various sizes are available for sale, and hence you should select one that matches the size of your pet.

Besides the cost of the pet door, hiring a professional will incur you depending on the size of the project. The period it would take to finish installation depends on the condition of the door frame to be replaced, which influences the overall cost. Usually, you can request for a customized quote through our website which has provisions of including a professional installer for you.

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