Our doors come in a variety of sizes and opening options. Whether you have a German Shepherd, a Terrier, or any size dog in between, our doors have a build that can work for them. Do you have a feline friend? Cats can use our doors as well. In fact, our small flaps are light enough to open easily and are more flexible and safer than the rigid cat flaps on the market.
The sliding glass pet doors from Pet Door Products come in white or tan.
Having the correct size pet door is important to get the most use out of your pet door. Pet Door SIze Graphic
Glass doors and windows are actually made from any one of a number of kinds of glass. Each one of these will need a different procedure to cut into or replace. Attempting to cut a hole in tempered or dual pane glass will shatter it. Other kinds of glass will crack badly, creating an unsightly and potentially dangerous hazard.
Our professional installers have the training and experience to get your new pet door set up in as little as 30 minutes.
Worried about the neighbors' dogs or annoying wildlife getting in? This common concern is rarely an issue. Insects and very small animals are not strong enough to push through the door, and most larger ones won't attempt to press against something that is tightly sealed to the frame and floor. There are no gaps around the edges of the Patio Pet Door thanks to our product's high weather stripping, strong magnets along all free edges, and stainless steel strikes. However, it's always a good precaution to keep food and water away from the pet door so hungry animals aren't tempted to follow their noses inside.

Some pets pick up the trick of using this door and immediately start exercising their freedom to come and go, but others need a little help.  If your companion needs training, try these tips:

  • Lift the flap yourself and show them the way in.
  • Sit on the opposite side of the door from your pet and call them, squeak their favorite chew toy, or offer a strong-smelling treat to lure then through.
  • If that doesn't work, try propping the door open. When your dog or cat gets into the habit of accessing the yard through the Patio Pet Door, you can lower the flap again.
New advancements in technology have made pet doors significantly more energy efficient.
If you or someone in your home is competent in handy work, doing it yourself is a great option. By DIY you will enjoy the benefits of quicker buy to install time (no coordination with Pet Door Pro required), as well as an awesome discount on the sale price. (click here to learn how to do it yourself?)
You can’t go wrong using one of our Pet Door Pro’s to complete the measure + install of your insert. If you are not totally confident in your handyman skills, going this route will give you peace of mind knowing your new pet door is installed correctly.
Our pet door insert utilizes the finest glass and vinyl materials available to ensure an energy efficient solution for you and your beloved pet. The insert will allow your patio door to slide, function, and lock as originally designed. However, what sets our insert apart is the incredible flap technology therein created by Endura Flap. This flap has been meticulously engineered to resist the harshest weather conditions (both hot and cold). If you have ever had another pet door - the quality and design of the Endura Flap will wow you.
Yes, it is very safe to have one of our pet doors installed in your home.
Yes, we offer an extended 15 year warranty on the Pet Door. You can learn more about this warranty here.