The Opportunity

We at Pet Door Products love helping our customers and their pets with our sliding glass pet door solution. If you install vinyl patio door, or glass in said doors, our pet doors are a great offering to incorporate into your business for the pet lovers in your market! Inquire about becoming a dealer today! Financial opportunity: Selling and installing our pet door insert is a great product to sell in just about any market today. With our incredible wholesale pricing, dealers are able to make large margins on these pet doors. This product is commonly the highest margin item carried by our dealers. What you/your customers have been looking for: Having an experienced presence in the window and door industry, as you do, you have recognized the untapped market for pet doors. Clearly, there are various players existing in this space, although the problem is apparent - limited options to choose from and poor quality in that selection. Finally, a simple and proficient solution - the custom made sliding glass door insert.

High Market Demand

There has never been a better time than now to enter the pet industry - the poised market combined with your window and door background make you the perfect candidate to offer our high-end pet door to your local customers. (people in your area want pet doors)   Dog/cat ownership: according to data collected by ASPCA & Gallup - 62% of American households own either a dog, cat or both. The pet industry has seen a boom in recent years - literally doubling in revenue since 2002 ($29B to $70B). (over 60% of your customers are potential buyers and pet lovers who take pleasure in improving their animal’s lives.)

Easy Installation Process

Not only is the product something your customers will love, you will love it as well because of its easy installation. To install the insert is as simple as replacing an ig unit in a sliding glass door, this is essentially what you are doing.

Dealer Application

Installing a Pet door - Become a Dealer