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Endura Flaps are pet doors that are installed either on the exterior of the pet door or mounted on the interior of these doors. The Endura Flap Door mount pet door is designed in a way that it can fit on any solid core, metal doors, storm doors, and even hollow core. In case you are looking for a back door for your pet, this is a perfect option for you. However, when you are buying your Endura Flap Door Mount Pet Door, you have to make sure that you are buying the right door. This is because you will get doggie door in the market that are an imitation of the Endura Flap doors and if you are not informed, you may end up buying the wrong Endura Flap Door Mount Pet Door. This is why you have to think of the following three things when you are buying your dog door.

Flap Size

One of the factors that you have to think about when you are buying your Endura Flap pet door is the size of the flap on the doggy doors that you are buying. This is because the flaps come in different sizes. There are those flaps that are large while others are small. The size of the flap that you should select will be determined by the space that flap is to occupy when installed or mounted on the dog door.

Size Chart

Flap Size

Flap Dimension

Step Over Range

Overall Panel Width


6″ w x 11″ h

3″ – 5″

11 1/4″


8″ w x 15″ h

3″ – 5″

13 1/4″


10″ w x 19″ h

3″ – 5″

15 1/4″

Extra Large

12″ w x 23″ h

3″ – 7″

17 1/4″

Custom heights are available upon request, please contact us for details and pricing.

Note: Endura Flaps™ are not recommended for use by kittens or tiny dogs. Cats have been successful using all four sizes.


You should also consider whether when you are buying the Endura Flap you are given a warranty for the door flap that you are buying. Mostly, this will be determined by the person who is selling the Endura Flap door mount pet door. There are some sellers who will not issue a warranty for their products. This is not the type of place that you should buy your door flap. To be on the safer side ensure that you buy the Endura Flap dog door from a person who gives you a warranty of about two years. This will even prove to you that you are buying a legit flap.

Important Note

All Extra Large and 22″-25″ adjustment range sales are final, no return. Please simulate the opening (open the door, use duct tape to simulate the opening) to be sure this size is appropriate before ordering.

Our normal 90-day return policy and 15-year warranty applies to Small, Medium and Large sizes as well as all other adjustment ranges.


The main reason why you are buying the Endura dog doors is to make sure that your pet is safe and comfortable. Endura Flap Pet Doors for Doors are manufactured to be flexible, safe, and energy-efficient in all climates. The translucent, dual-pane flap seals tightly against the outside weather using a patented system of magnets. These doors have one, dual-layered flap for energy efficiency. When closed, the flap reduces air conditioning and heat loss and can resist winds up to 50 mph. Each unit permanently installs into your door from 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ thick and includes a locking security panel. Some of the features that you have to look for in the Endura

Flap door mount pet door include:

When you are buying your Endura pet door, you must look whether it has a locking cover. This is because of the security if your dog really matters. The locking cover assures you the maximum safety of your pet despite where you are keeping it.

Thickness of the Flap

The Endura Flap door mount pet door is different when it comes to thickness. This is because the flap is used in paces with different climates. The thickness of the flap will determine the insulation it provides and hence you have to be keen when buying your Endura Flap pet door.

Additional Accessories

Endura pet doors come with Interior and exterior frames, security panels, mounting hardware, and installation instructions.

Color Options Available
Available in three colors White, Dark Bronze, and Tan.


View the Endura Flap Door Mount Installation Instructions in PDF format