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Endura Flap Dog Door for doors are manufactured to be flexible, safe, and energy efficient in all climates. The translucent, dual-pane pet flap seals tightly against the outside weather using a patented system of magnets. These doors have one, dual-layered flap for energy efficiency. When closed, the flap reduces air conditioning and heat loss and can withstand winds up to 50 mph. Each unit permanently installs into your door from 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ thick and includes a locking security panel.

The Endura Flap pet door from Pet Door Products comes with an exterior & interior frame, security panel, mounting hardware and installation instructions.

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Available in (3) colors: White, Dark Bronze and Tan.

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The Best Dog Flaps for Doors

Endura Flap Door Mounts are pet doors that are installed either on the exterior of the pet door or mounted on the interior of these doors. The Endura Flap Door mount pet door is designed in a way that it can fit on any solid core, metal doors, storm doors, and even hollow core.

Endura Flap Pet Door with Door Mount Included

If you are looking for a new pet door for your dog or cat, this may be a perfect option for you. However, when you are buying your Endura Flap Door Mount Pet Door, make sure you are buying the right size by referring to the Flap Size tab above for size recommendations.

Flap Size

One of the factors that you have to think about when you are buying your Endura Flap pet door is the size of the flap on the doggy doors that you are buying. This is because the flaps come in different sizes. There are those flaps that are large while others are small. The size of the flap that you should select will be determined by the space that flap is to occupy when installed or mounted on the dog door.

Pet Door Size graphic - Best dog flaps doors

Size Chart

Flap Size

Flap Dimension

Step Over Range

Overall Panel Width


6″ w x 11″ h

3″ – 5″

11 1/4″


8″ w x 15″ h

3″ – 5″

13 1/4″


10″ w x 19″ h

3″ – 5″

15 1/4″

Extra Large

12″ w x 23″ h

3″ – 7″

17 1/4″

Custom heights are available upon request, please contact us for details and pricing.

Note: Endura Flaps™ are not recommended for use by kittens or tiny dogs. Cats have been successful using all four sizes.


Pet Door Products offers a 15 Year Limited Warranty on Endura Flap Door Mounts

You should also consider whether when you are buying the Endura Flap you are given a warranty for the door flap that you are buying. Mostly, this will be determined by the person who is selling the Endura Flap door mount pet door. There are some sellers who will not issue a warranty for their products. This is not the type of place that you should buy your door flap. To be on the safer side ensure that you buy the Endura Flap dog door from a person who gives you a warranty of about two years. This will even prove to you that you are buying a legit flap.

Important Note

All Extra Large and 22″-25″ adjustment range sales are final, no return. Please simulate the opening (open the door, use duct tape to simulate the opening) to be sure this size is appropriate before ordering.

Our normal 90-day return policy and 15-year warranty applies to Small, Medium and Large sizes as well as all other adjustment ranges.


Give your pets the best dog flaps doors. Endura Flap Door Mounts are manufactured to be flexible, safe, and energy-efficient in all climates. The translucent, dual-pane flap seals tightly against the outside weather using a patented system of magnets. These doors have one, dual-layered flap for energy efficiency. When closed, the flap reduces air conditioning and heat loss and can resist winds up to 50 mph. Each unit permanently installs into your door from 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ thick and includes a locking security panel.

Some of the features of the Endura Flap Door Mount

  • SafetyWhen you are buying your Endura pet door, you must look whether it has a locking cover. This is because of the security if your dog really matters. The locking cover assures you the maximum safety of your pet despite where you are keeping it.
  • Thickness of the FlapThe Endura Flap door mount pet door is different when it comes to thickness. This is because the flap is used in paces with different climates. The thickness of the flap will determine the insulation it provides and hence you have to be keen when buying your Endura Flap pet door.
  • Additional AccessoriesEndura pet doors come with Interior and exterior frames, security panels, mounting hardware, and installation instructions.
  • Color Options Available
    Available in three colors White, Dark Bronze, and Tan.


View the Endura Flap Door Mount Installation Instructions in PDF format


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the extraordinary Endura Flap pet door featured in all Pet Door Products dog doors:

Can a Large Dog & Cat Use the Same Double Flap Door?

Pet Door Products dog doors for large dogs feature relatively strong magnetic seals that might hold too snugly for some cats to pass through easily. But, there’s an easy adjustment that can be made. If you have both a cat and a dog sharing a pet door, you can reduce the resistance from the magnets along the pet door threshold as much as needed to lighten the strength of the closure. You can make that adjustment for any size of Pet Door Products dog door.

Can I Install This Door Into My Glass Door?

This pet door is not designed for installation in a regular single- or double-pane glass door. Pet Door Products advanced design is a pet door insert for sliding glass door installation. But, if you have a sliding glass door, our dog door for sliding glass door model could be ideal for your pet and your home. It features the same flap used for inserting into that door type.

Does the Door Sound Very Loud When the Dog Goes In or Out?

You may hear a slight clicking sound when the door closes as the magnets engage. That sound is your indicator that your new pet door is functioning well and sealing out the hot or cold exterior air and other weather elements to keep the interior of your home comfortable.

I Do Not Have to Contend With Wind or Rain, if I Buy the Single Flap Version of the Wall Dog Door Is It Possible to Add the Second Flap in the Future?

Yes, you can add the additional flap later if you wish. However, that approach to upgrading a single flap to a dual model involves a relatively complex set of tasks and can be expensive. You would need to buy a new frame for either the interior or exterior side of the opening. That’s because the pet door frames made for single flaps are configured slightly differently than those for the Endura Flap pet door double flap models.

Is a Single Flap Enough for Winter Weather?

Our single flap pet doors are exceptionally energy-efficient. These advanced pet doors seal out the weather elements ideally. They’re built to withstand winds as high as 50 mph! Pet Door Products Endura Flap dog door is the only one on the market with adjustable magnetic closures that can be set up for greater or less wind resistance. The single flap is recommended for pets that may be intimidated by the double flap. For pets who pass unconcerned through a double flap door, you can add the double flap for an extra measure of thermal effectiveness.

Is This Flap Flexible?

The Endura Flap is a little firmer than some other dog door flaps, but it is a soft, flexible, safe, and comfortable pet door flap.

What Makes This Door So Great?

What makes the famous Endura Flap pet door so much higher quality and better performing than any other dog door built today? It offers homeowners an exceptionally energy efficient pet door, and its strength, comfort of use for pets, and long-term durability are unsurpassed. The Low-E glass panel of the sliding door insert also helps protect your floors, furniture, and other possessions against damaging UV rays.

The Endura Flap is also a much more aesthetically appealing design than typical department store pet doors. Overall, this true state-of-the-art Pet Door Products dog door protects pets and your home better than discount brands, which means you receive a superior value.

Why Is There a Difference in Pet Door Flap Size for the Single Versus the Double Flap Models?

Every Endura Flap is built with double-wall construction, which means they’re almost an inch thick (7⁄8″). When your pet pushes against the first flap to open the pet door, that flap pushes against the second flap and opens it. A narrow space remains along the top of the pet door opening between the two flaps. The second flap is designed to fit with the slightly different parameters of one side of the door that accommodate the different setup of the second flap.

For more details about the Endura Flap or to order, call Pet Door Products at (801) 973-8000, or contact us here online today!