DIY Sliding Glass Pet Door Installation

What makes this product so dynamic is it's thoroughly simple to install while simultaneously utilizing the most advanced pet door technology to date. If you are handy with a measuring tape, and have some DIY in your repertoire you can save some money by installing the Sliding Glass Doggie Door insert yourself!

Measuring tools needed: Putty knife, measuring tape, and a pencil.


Step by Step Instructions:

1. Measure WIDTH of Glass

  • Remove both side stops on the bottom of door - insert putty knife into crevice between stop and door frame.
  • Gently tap back of putty knife until stop is detached from door frame.
  • Measure the width of the glass.

2. Measure THICKNESS of Glass

(Perform right after you measure width of glass - when the stop is already detached from door frame) We need the overall thickness of your glass from the inside surface to the outside surface.

  • Insert putty knife between door frame and glass at a perpendicular angle, slide putty knife back until it touches inside of door frame.
  • Slide putty knife up to the edge of the glass, measure the thickness.
3. Measure HEIGHT of Glass

  • Perform the same steps mentioned in ‘Measure width of glass’ but remove the top and bottom stops instead of the sides.

4. Install and Your DONE!

  • Step (1) Remove stops with putty knife, or similar toli, gently as to not damage them.
  • Step (2) Cut existing glazing tape between the glass and frame.
  • Step (3) Remove existing glass unit,
  • Step (4) Apply glazing tape around inside edge of sliding door frame.
  • Step (5) Place inside the frame of sliding panel
  • Step (6) Gently tap glass stops back into place

We need the net size of the entire pet door insert unit. Width x Height x Thickness; this will be the same dimensions as their existing glass unit in the vinyl sliding glass door. We will also need to know which size pet door you want in the unit, which can be selected on the customize and get a quote page.

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