Pet Doors for Senior Dogs

5 Products for Senior Dogs

The bond between humans and our pets is unique because they are dependent on us for every aspect of their care. As our canine companions age, walks become shorter and they spend more time resting than playing. Pet owners come to realize that caring for a senior dog strengthens your bond and makes you appreciate each and every special moment you share.

While your aging dog may be suffering from illness or disease that makes it harder to get around, they still enjoy playtime and belly rubs from you. And as eyesight and hearing begin to fade over time, you want to make things more comfortable for your senior pet. Listed below are 5 products for senior dogs to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to and ensure their health and safety during their ‘golden years.’

Orthopedic Mattresses

An orthopedic mattress offers support for large dogs, in particular, who suffer from aging joints and arthritis. Some specially-designed doggie beds give your senior dog benefits like alignment support and pressure point relief for comfortable, restorative sleep. These incredible pet beds come in a variety of sizes with options like:

  • Pillow-Top orthopedic mattresses for optimal comfort with additional support to avoid pressure points.
  • Memory Foam orthopedic mattresses to help keep your pet cool and relaxed through the night.

Slip-Resistant Booties or Rugs

Helping to prevent your senior dog from slipping or losing his or her footing on hardwood, vinyl or concrete flooring is important as aching joints and muscles cause mobility issues. The addition of slip-resistant carpets, hall runners, and skid-resistant stair treads will help keep your beloved pet on all four legs. A more affordable solution may be slip-resistant booties to help keep your elderly pet’s legs from slipping out from under them.

Innovative Pet Doors

To provide your geriatric little buddy with the freedom to let themselves out and avoid ‘going’ in the house is one of the greatest gifts as they age. Senior dogs who have old dog urinary or bowel incontinence need a quick and easy way to get out. Backed by a 15-year warranty, Pet Door Products pet doors are a safe and convenient solution for pet owners with an aging pet, who work during the day.

Steps or Ramps

If your old dog loves to jump up on the couch for snuggle-time or sleeps on your bed, you’ve probably noticed that, as they age, jumping is becoming more and more challenging. Doggie steps or a specially-built ramp help your pet retain their independence. There are several amazing products on the market that come preassembled or ready for assembly, or you can custom build the perfect solution to help your senior dog get up and down without leg and back strain.

Supportive Harnesses or Slings

There are several brilliant contraptions that have been invented to improve mobility by easing aches and pains of aging pets. These supportive harnesses or slings are designed to offer comfort and support during a walk.

  • Supportive Harnesses attach to your dog’s rear end with a handle to give extra support when needed for older animals, instead of using a leash. The harness supports to enable the owner to easily pick up their pet and will raise and support a dog’s hips and back.
  • Supportive Slings are designed to sling under the dog’s lower abdomen. Typically made of nylon with padding for comfort, a supportive sling buoys and supports your pets aching hips. A sling can be worn throughout the day without discomfort.

The team at Pet Door Products love helping pet-owners with our revolutionary pet door solution that is easily installed in your sliding glass door. Our experienced Pet Door Pros can have your new pet door insert installed in as little as 30 minutes. The Pet Door Products’ innovative Pet Door Conversion System incorporates seamlessly with your current sliding glass door to give your cat or dog the freedom to safely enjoy the great outdoors and food, water and the comfort of indoors.

Pet Door Products for Your Senior Companion

The innovative, senior pet-friendly patio door solution from Pet Door Products will give your aging dog the best possible quality of life in their final years with your family. The gift of freedom and independence with a durable, high-quality vinyl patio door pet door insert will give the gift of freedom and independence both to your senior pet and you and your family. Contact Pet Door Products to see if our innovative pet door solution is right for you, or you can call us at (801) 657-4854, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the best pet door solution.

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