7 Ways a Dog Makes a Good Valentine

7 Ways a Dog Makes a Good Valentine

The lucky one you choose this year for your Valentine should be loving, kind and loyal. If you can’t find a human with all or even some of those worthwhile traits, chances are that special someone is curled up next to you right now! That’s right, your sweet little best friend is the perfect sub for Valentine’s Day. Our dogs give us unwavering love, endless devotion and think that we are the most magnificent creatures to walk this earth – ever! So, with that truth said; here are 7 ways a dog makes a good Valentine:

Your Dog is Your #1 Fan!

Your dog doesn’t just love you; he completely and absolutely adores you. Think about the celebration that happens every day when you get home from work, or the store, or even after going out to the mailbox. MRI studies have shown that a dog’s reward center lights up like fireworks when they’re presented with the scent of their owners. You can see the love and devotion in their eyes, in their smiles (yes, dogs do smile) and in their tail wags.

They Will Never Break Your Heart

When you give your heart to your dog, rest assured, she would never break it. She may obliterate your slipper, but never your heart. But, you must be warned; your heart will be shattered when she crosses over the rainbow bridge. So, take this special day to appreciate your four-legged sweetheart and let her know how much you care.

Dogs Don’t Even Know What February 14th Means

Should you take inventory of your love life and buy into the commercialized version of this holiday? No Sir! You can treat this day just like any other and so will your sweet little companion. No need for heartfelt declarations of love or expensive gifts, a belly rub will do just fine.

You Never Have to Share Your Chocolates

Show your canine cutie-pie just how much you love him by not sharing. The chocolates are all yours, just the way you like it. See? Dogs just make everything easier.

Sweat Pants and No Make-Up – No Problem

No need to get dolled up for an evening on the town, slip into something more comfortable, like sweats and running shoes and gift your pup with a walk around the block or a well-deserved trip to the park.

All Night Binge Session on Netflix? That’s A Big Hell Yeah!

Your dog thinks that time spent with you, doing whatever, is the best time ever! There is no place she’d rather be, so pop the popcorn, get comfy and chill with ‘man’s best Valentine‘.

You Could Not Disappoint Your Dog on Valentine’s Day, Even if You Tried!

With very real and unconditional love, your dog could never be disappointed in you. You should know that your dog cannot even imagine life without you and you probably feel the same way. Your little sidekick is completely unselfish and will never desert you, show that you love him too – forgive easily and show your gratitude for his friendship every single day!

Give the Gift of Freedom

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