Benefits of a Pet Door

Benefits of a Pet Door

Pet owners understand the frustration of running errands or planning an outing around letting their pets outside to do their business. A healthy adult dog needs to be let outside to relieve themselves 3-5 times a day. But puppies and smaller breeds need to urinate more frequently. A pet door will ‘loosen your leash’ for the amount of time your Fur Baby can be left home alone, without worrying about an accident on the carpet.

Security, energy efficiency and easy installation of pet doors have greatly evolved since their commercialization in the 1950’s. Your Furry Little Friend will love their independence with access to the great outdoors and easy access to their food and water indoors. If you have considered installing a pet door but still have questions or concerns, take a few minutes to review the following benefits of a pet door that you and your pet are sure to appreciate.

Comfort and Convenience

Any pet owner can attest to the continuous routine of letting the dogs out and letting them back in. Not to mention the hectic moments of urgency to let them outside to relieve themselves when you return home. Imagine instead a calm, happy dog who’s just happy to see you, instead of an anxious pet who has been holding it until your return.

Pet owners with a small breed dog, puppy or a beloved aging pet understand that you need to be attuned to your pet to make sure he or she makes it outside in time. An affordable, customized pet door from Pet Door Products will help minimize the need for clean-up and eliminate odors.

Safety and Security

For pet owners who leave their pets outside while they go to work, the frigid temperatures of winter and the dangerous heat of summer can pose injury or even death. A magnetic dog door will save your pet from extreme weather and actually save energy consumption because the entire door is not being opened and closed, affecting the temperature inside your home. Instead, your pet will let themselves out and back in with minimal outdoor exposure.

Safety concerns are address with a secure interior locking system and optional pet door cover that makes the opening more secure than a window. A common concern for many pet owners is the thought of other animals, insects or wildlife coming into your home from the pet door. Rest assured that this is rarely an issue because small animals and insects are not strong enough to push open the door.

Larger animals that are not trained to enter the door will not even try to push against anything that is clearly sealed to the frame and floor with no gaps around the edges. The patio pet door from Pet Door Products is manufactured with strong magnets along the free edges, high weather stripping, and sturdy stainless steel strikes. As a precaution, keep food and water bowls away from your pet door to avoid tempting hungry animals that may follow their nose inside.

Physical Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Physical exercise from running and playing outdoors not only helps your pet stay healthy and trim it will also provide vital mental stimulation. The physical and mental activity from the smells, sounds, and sights of the great outdoors are essential for a happy, healthy pup.

Many pet owners, who leave their dog at home during the day, have found that dogs with behavioral problems related to boredom can be easily curbed by providing safe and secure access to outdoors throughout the day. Healthy stimulation will improve Fido’s mood, keep him fit and active and eliminate boredom that often leads to unhealthy destructive behavior.

Easy Installation

Pet door installation for Pet Door Products sliding glass door pet door insert is easy and will not require any demolition. In fact, our affordable and durable pet door is perfect for apartments, rentals and even retirement communities. Our experienced and caring Pet Door Pros can install your new pet door in as little as 30 minutes. As a pet owner, you will appreciate the convenience of your new pet door and your four-legged friend will be thrilled to safely enjoy the great outdoors and still have access to the comfort of indoors at their leisure.

Energy Efficient Pet Doors from Pet Door Products

Pet Door Products offers energy efficient pet doors to help control the temperature of your home. Our innovative sliding glass door insert is easy to install and provides the following benefits:

  • The insert replaces the entire door to ensure maximum insulation.
  • The pet door frame is manufactured to be durable and thermally efficient for minimal heat transfer.
  • Our incredible Endura Flap¬†will lower energy consumption with magnetic seal strips that close immediately after your pet leaves or enters your home.
  • The Pet Door Products pet door was designed with excellent functionality and simple, clean lines to leave you with an unobstructed view.

Contact Pet Door Product today at 801-973-8000 we are happy to answer any questions you may have and don’t forget to ask about our FREE Sliding Glass Pet Door Estimate.

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