Choosing a Pet Door by Location

Choosing a Pet Door by Location

The best dog door location should fit the layout of your home, with a minimum amount of demolition and installation. A pet passageway can be installed in a variety of places but choosing the best location can be confusing for many dog owners. One of the easiest methods is to invest in a patio door with a pet door built-in. The patio door has quick access to the backyard area and is often located away from interior living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms.

If you are considering a pet door installation, look carefully at your options to determine which installation process is the simplest and requires a minimum of alterations to your home.

Every home is different, and every pet will have its own daily outdoor needs. Our experts will help you choose the right pet door!

3 Possible Locations for the Best Dog Door

Pet Doors Inserts for Windows

If you have a lower, ground-level window, then a small dog or cat may enjoy greater independence with the ability to freely exit the home whey they desire, consider pet doors for windows. But, for window mount dog doors, you must have a window at the perfect location for the pet to safely exit and enter the home. These glass window inserts are installed into the window sash, but more than likely you will have to cut a new window in the lower portion of your existing walls if your home does not have windows that are set close to the floor.

These types of pet doors offer the least amount of security for your home, as the window must be raised (or open) for the pet door to be installed. Consider the neighborhood you live in along with the height of the lower window – to make it easy for your pet to enter and exit.

Sliding Glass Door Inserts

Whether you own your home or renting, a sliding door with a dog door already installed is the easiest pet door installation of all. Patio pet doors are custom-built to fit the patio door frame and your dog’s height and width. Another benefit to this option is that they provide maximum security for your home and are sealed tight against the weather. These doors can be installed if you’re handy with some simple tools or a professional installer can quickly turn your patio door into an access point for your pets.

Choose the double-flap option for greater protection from wind and rain, along with a secure locking cover to prevent uninvited guests. A high-quality sliding door dog door insert will replace your existing patio door glass with new sliding glass with a built-in pet door.

In-the-Glass Pet Doors

Your exterior patio door is the perfect place for a pet-safe sliding glass pet door installation. It is easy to have one of these pet doors installed, just make sure you select the right size pet door by measuring the width and height of your dog’s shoulders, then selecting the next size larger in-glass pet door available. These doors make a safe and comfortable way for your household pets to answer nature’s call. Instead of managing your schedule around your pets daily outdoor needs, an in-glass pet door located within an existing glass patio door is a great option.

A pet passage for glass doors is as simple as a tough frame with a flap or electronic opening system. In addition to being installed in a glass patio door, some models can be built into a wall or modified for a slider track. It may be best to have a professional installation for these types of pet doors to insure a water-tight installation.

Contact Pet Door Products for Energy-Efficient Pet Doors

Visit us at Pet Door Products for energy-efficient pet doors that are made in the USA and have a 15-year product warranty. You can choose a DIY install or use the services of one of our professional installation experts. We offer a variety of pet door sizes that are secure and weather resistant.

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