How a Pet Door Helps Senior Citizens

How a Pet Door Helps Senior Citizens

The Benefits of Seniors Owning a Pet

Grandma will be the first one to tell you that simply being together with her pet brings her great joy and happiness. Pet owners agree on the benefits from the affection, loyalty and companionship they receive from their pet, but some may not know that owning a cat or dog is scientifically proven to reduces stress, depression and anxiety. Studies have proven that pet owners experience decreased levels of the stress-causing hormone call cortisol and increased stress-reducing hormones called dopamine and oxytocin.

Your Grandma’s pet gives her endless devotion, companionship and joy. Pet ownership can mean a lot to retired and aging owners whose daily world may be getting a little smaller every day. Grandma’s dog or cat also provides numerous health benefits like increased mental acuity, lower blood pressure and stress reduction. Along with the benefits of owning a pet also comes many challenges that we may not have even considered. Common conditions like painful joints from arthritis, muscle weakness and disease can contribute to mobility problems that make seemingly easy tasks extremely difficult for our grandparents.

Pets are Always There

As we age, loneliness from losing a spouse or children moving away can lead to depression or other emotional issues. You can count on Grandma’s Sweet Little Companion to always be there for her, day in and day out, to offer support through his or her natural sense of empathy. But, the relationship goes both ways – in return your Grandma is giving her Little Furry Pet love and care. If letting her pet outdoors is a task that is difficult or even painful, consider having a sliding glass pet door installed to make both of their lives a lot easier.

Pet Doors Allow Pets to Let Themselves Out

Daily chores and responsibilities of owning a cat or dog, like letting Grandma’s puppy outside to do his business, can become overwhelming for aging individuals suffering from mobility problems. The most logical solution is a pet door so cats and dogs can let themselves outside and still have access to warm or cool inside temperatures, food and water.

 Removable Pet Door

The innovative removable pet door insert from Pet Door Products will not require any modifications to a home. This is great news for elderly pet owners living in a retirement community, apartment complex or in a rental. You can install your Grandma’s new pet door in as little as 5 minutes. She will be thrilled with the built-in convenience and her four-legged friend will be elated with his or her new amenity to safely enjoy the great outdoors and still have access to the comfort of indoors.

Permanent Pet Door

Pet Door Products provides a replacement sliding glass pet door that fits right into your existing vinyl door frame making life easier. The replacement sliding glass pet door conversion system’s energy-efficient design allows you to leave the pet door open and if you need to keep pets inside, a simple door insert helps “lock” the door.  Giving your Grandma or Grandpa the thoughtful gift of a customized sliding glass door pet door will give him or her and their beloved pet the gift of freedom. Grandma will enjoy freedom from getting up and down to let her four-legged companion outside and dogs or cats will have the freedom to experience the great outdoors, anytime they need to, with indoor access.

Contact Pet Door Product at 801-973-8000 for more information and a free sliding glass pet door estimate.

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