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How to Keep Pets Calm During Holiday Parties

The holidays are a bustle of activity. Homes are filled with interesting smells and brightly colored decorations. You invite friends, family, and colleagues over for meals and parties. Perhaps you sing carols or loudly toast the New Year. While all this activity may be joyous for people, it often can be confusing, stressful, and potentially dangerous for pets. By planning ahead and developing a holiday pet safety checklist, you can ensure pets stay safe and calm all throughout the festivities.

Teach Socialization Skills to Your Pets

Ease your pet into large social gatherings by having smaller gatherings beforehand. Begin long before the holidays by having a small gathering of people your pet already knows. Encourage them to interact with your pet, each time offering the pet a treat. As you have additional gatherings, add a new person that your pet doesn’t know. Each time your pet meets a new person, provide a treat.

Provide a Haven for Your Pets

Find a room that will be away from the noise. Prepare it with a pet bed, food, water, toys, and treats. Put your pet in the room before the guest arrives. Close the door and post a sign to alert guests not to open the door. Check on the pet periodically during the party.

Keep Your Pets on a Regular Schedule

Whenever possible stick to the same schedule. Feed, walk and play with your pet at the usual times and as often as you do during non-holiday times.

Desensitize Your Pet to Noise

Consider making or buying a recording of firecrackers or fireworks. Play it for a short time for your pet, gradually increasing the duration. Provide a treat each time.

If your pet is still anxious around the fireworks or anxious around other noises, consider buying a stress remedy either over the counter or through a prescription from your veterinarian.

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Lower your pet’s stress level by keeping in mind these pet safety tips.

    • Avoid leaving out wrapped presents for your pet to open. Store wrapping supplies out of your animal’s reach. Eating tinsel and paper can be dangerous.
    • Secure your tree to a wall or ceiling to prevent a scampering cat from toppling it. Alternatively, lemon-scented car fresheners placed on the tree often discourage cats from climbing it. Providing alternative climbing trees may also help to distract the cat from the Christmas tree. If you have a dog, consider enclosing the tree with a baby gate to keep the dog away.
    • Keep candles out of reach or consider using electric candles instead.
    • Place cords in cord protectors.
    • Keep holiday plants away from your pets. Holly berries, poinsettias and mistletoe are particularly dangerous for cats.

Provide Your Pets the Freedom They Need

For many pets, having the freedom to go outside when they wish calms their anxieties. Customized pet doors are one way to provide that independence. We can help you choose the best doors for your situation. Pet Door Products are made in the USA with a 15-year product warranty. Give your pets the freedom they deserve.

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