How did people and dogs get so close? The Nature educational journal explains research showing that the strong bonds between humans and dogs have grown partly due to our mutual trait of gazing into the eyes for communication. (This bonding trait is not shared by other species that are even closer to dogs or to humans.) Mutual gazing stimulates the social reward hormone oxytocin in dogs and humans. Both also share traits of great interpersonal flexibility and social tolerance. But, as we know, there’s much more to the story of the bonds we build with our dogs.

After all, some humans and dogs bond much more closely than others do, though they sometimes have greater opportunity. In the best of people/pet relationships, dogs and their humans can understand one another to extraordinary degrees.

So, how well do you and your dog really know each other? Here’s a fun quiz provided by Pet Door Products to help you measure the basic level of your understanding of your pet dog.


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