Pet Doors for Elderly Dogs

Pet Doors for Elderly Dogs

As dog ages, their needs start to change. They might not have the same youthful energy of their puppy years; however, their families still love them and would like to find a way to make their lives easier. It can be challenging because elderly dogs often need to be taken out in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. They might also have hip dysplasia or a similar musculoskeletal condition that makes it hard to use a standard pet door. Everyone needs help in their later years and, fortunately, there is an alternative pet door that is meant for elderly dogs. These doors are mounted lower yet still provide a sizeable opening that is perfect for a senior dog.

Installing a Pet Door for an Elderly Dog

First, take a look at the spot where the pet door is going to be installed. In many situations, there are baseboards and framing that simply cannot be cut into. If this is the case, the pet door will probably be installed at a height that is too tall for an elderly dog. In general, dogs who are seniors will want a pet door that is mounted at around three or four inches off of the floor. Another alternative is to have steps leading up to the pet door to make this process easier.

Pet Door Efficiency and the Strength of the Magnet

Next, remember that most pet doors are sealed using a magnet. Some magnets are stronger than others and, for an elderly dog, a strong magnet might not be the best option. Strong magnets are hard to push open and this might pose too much of a challenge for an older pet. Go with a strong line of pet doors that have magnets placed in areas that make it easier for the pet to push the door open.

Clear Plastic Endura Flap for Pet Doors

Many pets have issues with vision. Some of the examples include glaucoma and cataracts. This can make it challenging for pets to interpret certain doors as an actual door that they can pass through.Try to find a pet door for an elderly dog that has a clear vinyl flap. This allows more light to pass through the door and makes it easier for an elderly dog to see the yard on the other side. If a pet cannot see the yard, they might not know that they can go outside.

Pet Doors for Elderly Dog Care at Pet Door Products

For those wondering which pet door is best for their senior dog, be sure to consider all of the factors above. The pet door needs to be large enough for the dog to have some wiggle room to get through the opening easily. For this reason, those who are interested in learning more about pet doors for their elderly dog should take a look at Pet Door Products. All of our items are made in the USA and they come with a 15-year warranty. Our doors have been designed with a security panel for added protection when necessary and will still give both pets and people the freedom they deserve. Let us provide you with assistance with pet doors for your elderly dog. Call us today!

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