If you have a large dog, you might think patio pet doors are out of the question. After all, do people even make pet doors that large? If you have a Rottweiler, Great Dane, St. Bernard, Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound, Bullmastiff, Leonbergers or other giant breeds, there is good news: Pet Door Products can make pet doors for nearly every size of dog and the dog doors can be installed right into your sliding glass door. These doggie doors are sturdy, energy-efficient, and won't crack or rust. They can take 200 pounds of dog weight and keep going strong. If security is a concern, pet doors come with an optional security plate to keep out any unwanted intruders when the door is not in use, just in case your extra-large dog is not enough of a deterrent.

Benefits of Doggie Doors for Glass Doors

  • Dogs can take their own potty breaks. No more depending on you to let them out.
  • Pets don't have to scratch and whine at the door. Scratching on the door can do some real damage. When dogs have their independence, they don't need to whine to remind you that it's their turn for a potty break.
  • Less accidents means less clean-up for you.
  • More independence and exercise. Now your dogs can enjoy activities and outdoor time at their own pace.
  • When you have a dog door, you have more choices about where your dog can go and where it can't.
  • Your sliding glass door works like normal. as it should.

Measuring for a Large Dog Door Size

When you have a proper dog door for your large dog, it allows him room to roam without hurting himself. As he gets older, this will allow him more freedom and mobility. Here are the steps to measure for a dog door:
  • Determine flap width: This is how wide you want your dog door to be. Open your sliding glass door just wide enough to let your dog through. Add a couple more inches, and you have your flap width.
  • Measure for height: Measure from the floor to where your dog's back and neck meet, right above the shoulder. Remember dogs can duck their heads, so you do not have to measure up to their heads.

What Size Flap Do I Need for My Dog?

Pet door size graphic - Large dog door for sliding glass door

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Pet Door Products in Utah makes the toughest doors for the toughest dogs, no matter their size. For anyone outside of Utah, you can find a local Pet Door Pro here. All our dog doors are also weather resistant, so they can stand up to some tough storms, and our pet doors come with a 15-year warranty for peace of mind.
We are not just a business, but we also contribute to the local community. We donate to the Humane Society of Utah and regularly promote and sponsor pet adoption.

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