Pet Owner 101: Training Your Pet to Use a Puppy Door

Pet Owner 101: Training Your Pet to Use a Puppy Door

Puppies are adorable, furry companions who will love you unconditionally and always be eager to see you. But if you’re like millions of other new pet owners, you may have underestimated the amount of work involved in puppy potty training. Happily, our new in-the-glass pet door transforms your sliding-glass doors into easy portals for puppy to use any time nature calls. This means fewer middle-of-the-night forays for you and less discomfort for your pup. Here’s how to train your newest four-legged friend using the innovative puppy door from Pet Door Products.

Make Puppy Potty Training Fun

Pick a time of day when you won’t be interrupted to begin dog door training with your new puppy door. Show your pet the door and push your hand through to make sure it’s operating properly. Next, station puppy inside the door while you wait outside with treats and a leash. Encourage your new friend to push through the door by squeaking his favorite toy and prompting him with lots of praise. Once he makes it through, reward him with a treat, put him on his leash, and lead him gently to his outdoor bathroom area. If you do this several times a day, he’ll learn to associate potty training with the doggy door with the urge to go outside.

Use a Puppy Pad When Doggy Door Training Puppy

If your pup just isn’t making the connection to his new puppy door, try placing a puppy pad right outside. This may help him understand that he needs to use the door whenever nature calls. It’s important to be patient with your pup, even if he has accidents in the house. Stressing him out will only make things worse and may undo all the dog door training you’ve already accomplished.

Don’t Do This During Potty Training with Doggy Door

It’s important to keep Potty training fun and uneventful for your pet. This means there are some things you don’t want to do, including:

  • Forcefully pushing your pet through the door. This will only scare him and make him nervous to use it.
  • Yelling at your dog or giving negative feedback. Dogs respond better to positive reinforcement such as praise and treats.
  • Being inconsistent. Train your dog to use the puppy door every time he needs to go. It’s more work for you in the beginning, but you’ll be glad the next time 3 am rolls around and puppy needs to go out.

With the new in-the-glass pet door from Pet Door Products, both you and your pet will have the freedom to come and go like never before. Choose easy DIY installation, or let one of our service representatives install the door for you. Our pet door is designed to be energy efficient, safe, and effective and comes with a locking security door to help secure your home when you and your pet are away. Available in sizes to fit small, medium, large, and extra-large pets, our in-the-glass puppy door comes with a 15-year warranty for your peace of mind. Order yours today!

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