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The 4 Most Important Tips for Walking Your Dog

Dogs need exercise and mentally stimulating experiences every day to stay healthy and happy. So, going for daily walks with you is a critically important opportunity for your dog to get a sufficient quantity and quality of physical and mental exercise. Of course, walking with your dog is healthy for you too. The better you can make the experience of walking together for your pet and yourself, the more you both will benefit. Below are some dog walking tips to help you make the very most of your special time together with your 4-legged best buddy.


4 Tips for Walking Your Dog

Aside from fundamentals for dog walking, like, “Pick up the poo,” and, “Put ID on your dog,” there’s more to know about making sure your dog and you have the best possible experience. Here are a few key tips for the most comfortable and beneficial walk for your dog:

Make Sure Your Dog Has the Freedom To Enjoy Abundant Sniff Moments

Your dog’s walks with you are important daily opportunities to spend time outdoors and explore the world, he needs plenty of time to sniff things. Distinguishing the smells of things enables your dog to interpret his/her environment and understand what’s happening in the world around him. This also helps satisfy your dog’s need for the mental stimulation that is so important for his overall wellbeing.

Carry Plenty of Water for Your Dog

Dog’s bodies overheat more easily than humans do, and panting promotes dehydration, especially during hot weather. So, if you’re planning a long walk with your dog, over 30 minutes, take enough water with you for your dog to drink frequently. (You can get a lightweight collapsing water bottle with a large lid that works as a drinking bowl. If you don’t want to carry it, you can get one with a clip you can hang from a shoulder strap.)

Bring Treats for Training Opportunities

Don’t forget the doggie treats! Always take advantage of a few dog walking training opportunities during walks with your dog. Work on walking well on the leash and other behaviors. Treats are ideal for positive reinforcement to help your dog stay on track. Just put a few bits of your dog’s favorite store-bought or homemade treats in a sandwich bag for the walk. Real meat bits are extra helpful in encouraging dogs to focus intently on training. Still, training in areas with minimal distractions tends to be most effective while dogs are in the early learning stages.

Avoid Walking Your Dog on Hot Sidewalks or Roads

Walking on hot pavement can badly injure your dog’s paws. So, on hot days, be sure to test the pavement before you make your dog walk on it. Put your bare hand or foot on the concrete or asphalt sidewalk or road where you plan to walk your dog. If the surface is uncomfortably hot on your skin, then it’s too hot for your dog to walk on it. Instead of walking your dog on the pavement during such temperatures, walk in the grass. Go to a nearby park, or take a walking trail in the woods. Or, play in your yard with your dog for the same amount of time you would have walked. Or, change your walk time to an earlier or later hour when it’s much cooler outdoors.

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