If you're like most people who consider their furry friends to be fully-fledged members of their families, your pet's comfort, safety, and convenience play a big part in any decisions you may make concerning redecorating, remodeling, or otherwise making changes to your home. You're probably also aware of the value of having a pet door installed so that your pet can go in and out of doors whenever it pleases. However, if you rent your home, your choices concerning pet doors may be limited — after all, many landlords balk at making costly renovations to their rental properties in order to accommodate domestic pets.

Fortunately, you do have options if you're a renter, such as a patio door with pet door built in — this option doesn't involve drilling into doors or walls, and you won't have to try to talk your landlord into performing a time-consuming and potentially expensive project. Here's how a dog door for sliding glass door works:

Pet Door Inserts for Sliding Glass Doors

These pet doors work as inserts in existing sliding glass doors. Available in aluminum or vinyl, these doors feature sturdy frames that fit securely into the track of your sliding glass door. With some of the panels, you will need to drill a small hole in the actual track in order to allow the insert to be completely secured, but most of the panels require the use of absolutely no tools whatsoever. These doors also feature alternative locking systems because to ensure optimal home security. However, models are also available that are designed to work with the existing locking system. They also come in a variety of colors to match existing home decor.

You can also purchase the entire sliding glass door complete with a dog door, but this option is recommended for homeowners rather than renters. However, some renters may be able to convince their landlords to foot the costs of these doors since they increase the overall value of the property.

How Dog Doors for Sliding Glass Door are Installed

Installing these inserts is not difficult at all. The first thing you'll need to do is to measure your dog's height and width to determine the right size of sliding glass door insert — always round upward or outward when fractions of inches are involved in the measurements. After this, measure the sliding glass door track.

After your sliding glass pet door inserts arrive, follow the enclosed instructions. In most cases, you'll simply install it in the existing track so that it is flush against the door jamb. In most models, you'll have to tighten the screws at the bottom track and then fit the insert into the top track before tightening the top screws.

You can now say goodbye to getting up in the middle of the night to let your canine companion outside, coming home to unexpected accidents on the floor, or otherwise experiencing this particular type of inconvenience. Best of all, you can easily take your sliding glass dog door with you when you move. Please contact us at your convenience if you would like more information on the advantages of having a patio door with a pet door built-in.

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