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10 Doggie Door Shopping Tips

You probably know that doggy doors provide a convenient way for dogs to get in and out as needed throughout the day. However, there are some facts about dog doors you might not be aware of, such as the following.

Door and Window Options

Doggy doors aren’t just for regular doors in your home. You can have pet door sliding glass door installation done to allow pets to get out to your patio and yard easily. You can even have these doors installed in windows.

Height vs. Width

Your doggy door’s height isn’t as important as the width. Your pets can duck down to get through lower doors if needed, but you have to make sure your dog door is wide enough for them to fit through.

First-Time Use

You might need to show your pets how to use these doors. Your dog might not understand what your doggy door is for until you open the flap and show them that they can get out and in that way.

Professional Measurements

You don’t have to guess about the size of the doggy door you need. You can have a pet door installation expert from Pet Door Products come to your home to do these measurements, which involves making sure your pets can fit through based on their size. This takes the guesswork out of choosing a doggy door and ensures that your pets will be able to use their new door without any problems.

Energy Efficiency

Doggy doors with the Endura Flap Thermo Panel or other energy-efficient options provide protection from the weather while also reducing your energy usage. These flaps won’t let cold drafts or hot air into your home from outside.

Security Features

If you’re worried that a doggy door gives intruders a convenient way to get into your home, there’s no need for concern. Doggy doors aren’t a security risk if they have the right features. A dog door for sliding glass door from Pet Door Products includes safety features to ensure your home stays secure from intruders at all times, such as interior locking systems and pet door covers.

Pest Prevention

You don’t have to worry about bugs or wildlife getting into your home with the right door. Doggy doors featuring an Endura Flap help prevent pests, such as rodents and insects, from being able to get through. Since the flap has a solid appearance, larger animals, such as raccoons, won’t try to get in.

Simple Installation

You can have doggy door installation done easily without a lot of mess or demolition. This makes Pet Door Products doggy doors a suitable choice if you’re in a rental home, such as a retirement community or apartment.

Long Lifespan

High-quality doggy doors that are properly installed can last for many years. In fact, Pet Door Products includes a limited 15-year warranty on our products. This makes these doggy doors a smart investment for your home.

If you’re looking for sliding glass doggie door inserts or doggy door installation, contact Pet Door Products in Utah. We have a wide selection available with security and energy saving features. Our experts can help you choose the right doggy door and install it at your home.

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