5 Tips to Protect Your Pet Door from Intruders

5 Tips to Protect Your Pet Door from Intruders

Your pet door is an essential part of your home, but it’s important to take additional security measures to protect against intruders when you have one. By taking a few simple steps to secure your pet door, you can enjoy the convenience of allowing your pet the freedom to come and go as needed without worry. Here are 5 pet door safety tips to keep your home secure when you have a pet door.

1. Make Sure Your Door Fits Your Pet

One of the most important keys to ensuring your pet door isn’t a risk to your home security is to buy a door that fits your pet. Many pet owners make the mistake of assuming that the larger the door, the easier it is for the animal to use. The door should only be slightly larger than your dog fully grown — just enough for them to get in and out safely.

2. Install Your Pet Door In an Out-of-Sight Location

While installing your dog door in your main entryway seems like the most convenient option, this is like an invitation to intruders. Make sure your pet door is placed in a discreet locale, ideally on a back or side door. If you have a secure backyard with a locked fence, putting the pet door there is an excellent option.

3. Look Into an Automatic Pet Door

Advances in technology have made dog doors more convenient than ever before. RFID technology allows pet owners to install automatic doors that open independently when triggered. A chip is placed in or on the pet’s collar, and when the animal gets within a certain range of the door on either side, it will open automatically. This allows you to keep your home secure while still allowing your pet to have complete control over when they go out.

4. Invest in a Pet Door Protector

While most dog doors come with some security features, you may want to consider purchasing a separately installed pet door protector. Pet door covers are usually crafted of strong metal, such as 12-gauge steel, and include a combination or key lock. Be sure to look for a pet door protector that has bolts that can only be removed from the inside.

5. Post a “Beware of Dog” Sign

Even if your dog isn’t the kind that you would normally associate with a “beware” sign, it’s a good idea to put one up in your yard or near your front door anyway. Intruders are after easy targets, and a home that has an animal that could alert homeowners and neighbors isn’t one.

Looking for a Pet Door for Your Sliding Glass Door or Window? We’ve Got You Covered

If you have a pet, a pet door is more than just a convenience — it also benefits the health of your pet. At Pet Door Products, we offer a wide variety of options. Whether you’re looking for a traditional dog door or a pet door for a sliding glass door, we can help you select the right pet door for your needs. Contact us today at (801) 923-6327 to learn more.

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