Endura Flap for Pet Doors

The Endura Flap™ is an award-winning flap for pet doors that allow your pets to come and go at will, while preserving the security and comfort of your home.

Its material is soft and flexible enough to ensure the complete safety of your pet, but durable enough to stay tightly sealed even in the most extreme hot or cold weather.

Pet Door Products uses the Endura Flap in our sliding glass cat doors and sliding glass dog doors.



  • Magnets in door provides a weather seal against the elements, and you can add or remove magnets to adjust door seal.
  • Secure locking cover to prevent unwanted guests
  • Sized for a range of pets from cats to Great Danes
  • Double flap option for additional weather resistance
  • Limited 15-year warranty



A Pet Door Flap that Keeps Your Home Comfortable

  • The Endura Flap uses magnets to provide a seal against air escaping. It has magnets on each side of the opening and is supplied with extra ones to make a stronger seal if weather conditions require.
  • The Endura Flap has a double layer construction which is thicker than most glazing units, and this excellent insulation is reinforced by internal sealing bars which restrict the movement of both warm and cold air.
  • The flap can be relied on to exclude even the iciest draughts, and in rigorous tests it remained firmly closed against winds exceeding 50 mph.

The Safe Way to Give Your Pet Independence

  • Unlike most pet doors, the Endura Flap is not made from vinyl (PVC), but from an advanced polymer. This material is extremely strong, but also soft and supple that it won’t cause injury or discomfort to your pet.
  • All sizes of the Endura Flap feature a taller, narrower aspect ratio (height: width) than normal, which allow them to be mounted close enough to the floor for easy access by older or less agile animals.

Give Free Access to Your Pets and Nothing Else

  • You want to allow your pets their freedom, but not if it puts the security of your home at risk.
  • Unfortunately, poor design means that many pet doors fail this basic test. As they become taller to accommodate larger pets, they also become wider so that intruders may get through.
  • Endura Flaps are designed with an aspect ratio which will allow your pet entry but exclude any unwanted human visitors.
  • You will also get a secure locking cover for use overnight or when you’re away.

Look Forward to Years of Use

  • Unlike brittle vinyl, the Endura Flap’s special polymer won’t break in the cold; and an ultra-violet retardant treatment also prevents it cracking, wrinkling or yellowing in the sun.
  • In tests, the Endura Flap opened and closed more than 3 million times without any damage.
  • By contrast with mass-market options, the Endura Flap is a precision engineered product, manufactured in the USA, which you can confidently expect to be using for many years.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Manufacturer’s 15-Year Warranty

As a valued Endura Flap™ owner, you will be protected by a comprehensive 15-year manufacturer’s warranty against any defective materials or workmanship.

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