7 Surprisingly Fun Facts About Dog Door Installation

7 Surprisingly Fun Facts About Dog Door Installation

Pet doors are something you probably don’t think much about. If you have one, you enjoy the freedom it gives. If you don’t, you probably have wondered if installing one would help your home. At Pet Door Products, we believe pet doors are amazing tools for pet owners. If you’ve been contemplating one, here are seven surprising facts about pet doors you should know.

They’re for Cats Too

Dog doors are named after dogs, but cats enjoy them too. If you have a cat that spends time outside, a dog door gives them the freedom they crave to get in and out.

They Can Be Installed in Glass Doors

Having a doggy door doesn’t mean you have to cut a hole in the wall of your home. With the right products and doggy door installation, you can install one in a patio door.

The Best Fit Happens When You Measure Your Pet

Pet doors from Pet Door Products come in many different shapes and sizes, and you want the right fit to protect your pet.  The best dog door is the smallest one to fit your needs, but one that’s still large enough to allow your pet proper access to the outdoors. Measure the pet from floor to shoulder, then choose a door that’s one inch above the back so they can easily fit in and out.

Pet Doors Are Secure

If the idea of leaving access to your home through a pet door bothers you, don’t worry. Today’s pet doors come with locking covers that keep them secure when you need to limit access to your home. When you want your pet to have free access, just remove the cover and let them enjoy their freedom.

Pet Doors Give You Freedom Too

Pet doors are designed to give your dog or cat freedom, but you may be surprised to know they give you freedom too. When you have a pet-safe dog door, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing every time your pet needs to go outside. They have the freedom to go when they want, and you are free to focus your time on other activities you enjoy doing.

Modern Pet Doors Are Energy Efficient

Sometimes homeowners avoid putting in a pet door because of fears of energy loss, but today’s pet doors are energy efficient. Pet Door Products offers pet doors with a weather-tight seal. The vinyl and glass frame seals tight when the door is shut, preventing air loss or heat gain. These doors have a double flap option which provides even greater protection against the weather.

Pet Doors Last a Long Time

When made well, pet doors can give your pet freedom for its entire lifetime. In fact, the pet doors from Pet Door Products come with a 15-year warranty. This means they will continue giving your pet freedom and access long after installation.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a pet door, now is an excellent time. Give yourself and your pet freedom with a pet door from Pet Door Products. Either install one yourself, or partner with an installation pro to get it done quickly. Ether way, you’ll give your pet important outdoor access, all while keeping your home safe and efficient.

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