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Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

As the holidays approach, it’s important to make sure your home is safe for your pets. The holiday season has several hazards that could result in pets being injured or lost. Keep the following Christmas safety tips in mind for your pets this season.

Keep Dangerous Food Out of Reach

Some holiday meals and baked goods can be dangerous for pets, such as anything containing chocolate, raisins, onions, or other ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Candy canes, turkey or chicken bones, and other hard items can be a choking hazard for pets. Keep dishes of candy or trays of baked goods in an area that pets won’t be able to reach. During holiday gatherings, don’t leave plates with leftovers on them on the table where pets might get to them. Instead, rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher.

Watch Your Holiday Decorations

Some holiday decorations might seem like toys for dogs and cats, which can lead to serious injuries. Christmas lights, ornaments, and other decorations can be dangerous if pets chew on them, step on them, or play with them. Make sure pets can’t get to wires or cords for decorations that are plugged in, and keep fragile ornaments higher up on your tree out of reach.

Practice Christmas Tree Safety

Christmas trees might look beautiful in your home, but they can be another holiday danger for pets. Since trees can tip over, secure yours in a base in case you have a curious cat that tries to climb up it or a dog that jumps on it. If you have a live tree, make sure your pets can’t drink the water inside the stand, which could make them ill. You should also avoid putting tinsel on trees since this type of decoration can be dangerous if swallowed.

Don’t Use Mistletoe and Holly

If you want to decorate with mistletoe and holly for Christmas, use fake versions. Real mistletoe and holly are considered hazardous for pets. Both plants can cause gastrointestinal problems if your pets eat them. You should also avoid having real poinsettias in your home since they can cause mild stomach problems for pets if they’re ingested.

Consider Pet Door Safety

With family or guests coming and going during the holidays, it’s important to make sure your pets don’t get outside when they’re not supposed to. Make sure your front door is closed to prevent pets from running out, and consider getting a pet door for sliding screen door. This type of pet door allows your pets to come and go throughout the day as needed. With a pet door protector in place, you can make sure they’re not getting out at night or at other times when they might get lost.

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