The Best Doggie Sliding Glass Door

The Best Doggie Sliding Glass Door

If you want to keep your pet active and trained to go outside when nature calls – then consider installing a dog door for sliding door that is typically at the rear or side of a home. Dogs that get to go outside more will often benefit from increased mental stimulation and physical activity. Sliding doors for dogs and cats are easy to install on patio doors, sliding glass doors, or floor to ceiling glass panels.

Why Choose a Doggie Sliding Glass Door

It is unhealthy for dogs to hold their urination for long periods of time – both physically and emotionally unhealthy. And of course, that’s the main reason why people install doggie doors. If you have a sliding glass door, you either have to let your pet out yourself or leave the door and screen cracked for the dog to reenter. One of these scenarios is a nuisance and the other is a security risk.

So, why chose a doggie sliding glass door? Besides enjoying less barking, fewer dog walks, and no more accidents in the homes, here are 3 excellent reasons.

Increased Security Over Doggie Flaps

The American Kennel Club lists a sliding dog door as one of the best options to give your dog the freedom it needs. Above and beyond other options, a sliding glass door offers better security than flaps or gates. They look great because they have a minimalist appeal with the glass doggie door being of the same material as the glass patio door. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about additional locking features or covers that other dog doors may require.

Sliding Glass Doors with a Built-in Dog Door Offer Better Insulation and Less Water Infiltration

Some pet doors can have a negative effect on your heating and cooling bills. Whether the door is a flap or other design, some products can waste energy through the opening or around the frame. A dog door for sliding door is an energy-efficient option that keeps heat in and eliminates most of the drafts that are common with other designs. Choose a sliding pet door is designed with an energy-efficient, double pane glass, a rigid, vinyl frame, and is tightly sealed against drafts or air leakage.

You Can Decide Which Pets Go In and Out with Sliding Glass Pet Doors

Finally, you get the freedom of relaxing with a sliding pet door installation that converts a glass patio door into an access door to your dog. Just unlock and slide open the secure and locking panel during the hours you want your pet to come and go. Then you can close and lock the doggie door at the end of the day for a secure and tamper-proof solution. You will be happy knowing you never had to cut a hole through your walls, and the glass sliding door is perfectly located at the rear of homes for privacy and safety.

Innovative Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Pet Doors from Pet Door Products

Pet Door Products are made in the USA with a 15-year product warranty. We have eliminated the guesswork by providing an easy guide to determine how to size your new pet door to fit your doggie’s needs. Whether you choose a DIY install or a professional installation, we work with our customers from sales to service.

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