5 Myths About Pet Doors

An affordable, energy-efficient pet door from Pet Door Products is a great way for your pet to have outdoor access whenever they need to or wants to and easy access to their food, water and the warmth or air conditioning comfort inside. There are several myths about pet doors that may prevent some pet-owners from giving their pets the gift of freedom, we are here to debunk those myths and reassure pet owners that an energy efficient pet door from Pet Door Products will greatly benefit you and your pet.

Myth #1: All Pet Doors Are the Same

All pet doors on the market are the same‘ – not true! The concept of all pet doors is similar, but there are many different models available with professional installation option and DIY instructions for moderately skilled do-it-yourselfers. The majority of pet doors available for pet-owners are poorly designed and constructed. The experts at Pet Door Products have designed an innovative vinyl sliding glass door pet door insert made of quality materials and backed by a limited 15-year warranty. Aside from quality, pet doors are also available in different sizes for different breeds of animals and pet doors do not necessarily need to be installed in a door, they can also be installed in a window.

Myth #2: My Pet Will Not Use the Pet Door

This myth has a lot to do with training. Your newly installed pet door can be confusing. When training your pet to go through the pet door, keep in mind that it may be the feeling of the flap that your pet will need to become familiar with. We recommend you encourage your pet with a treat, at first. Work with your animal on the opposite side of the door to teach them they can both leave the house and return at will. Repeat as many times as needed, until they feel confident and comfortable going through the opening. For smaller pets, our pet door allows you to remove some of the magnets to lower the effort needed to open the door.

Myth #3: Pet Doors Can Injure My Pet

Your new pet door will not injure your pet. The measurements taken before manufacturing and installation of your custom vinyl pet door insert for your sliding glass door or window ensure your pet will have no trouble using the door. Both dogs and cats tend to drop their heads as they go through a pet door. Measurements should include the size of your pet from shoulder to shoulder and paws to shoulders, not from paws to head. Passing through the pet door opening is not painful, in any way, for your pet.

Pet owners who purchase the Endura™ Flap Thermo Panel 3e™ can decrease the magnet strength during training and return to maximum strength for wind resistance.

Myth #4: A Pet Door Will Increase My Energy Bill

While your pet may be going outside more often that before, having a pet door is actually saving you money on your energy bill. First of all, the smaller size of the pet door is much smaller that the people door being opened and closed. Also, an amazing benefit of the Endura™ Flap Thermo Panel 3e™ and the Thermo-Sash 3e™ Pet Door for Sash Windows comes with strong magnets on the sides and bottom to ensure a quick, tight seal without the flap swinging back and forth. The highly insulated flap on your new pet door is designed to stay closed in high winds (up to 50 mph). Made from polyolefin-based polymer, your Thermo 3e™ product will keep your home comfortable at any temperature (between -40°F to 110°F).

Myth #5: Pet Doors Are Unsafe

To ease any fear of someone come through your doggy door from the outside, safety measures are included with all Pet Door Products pet doors. The locking cover can be placed over the pet door to secure the pet door to the frame for maximum security. Another level of security, when your pet door is open, is your faithful protector. An intruder, human or other, considering coming through your pet door will also likely consider the risk of running into your pet on the other side. On the plus side, while an adult would have a difficult time fitting through the pet door entrance, kids who forget their house keys have been known to use the pet door to let themselves in without having to call Mom or Dad.

Give Your Pet Freedom, Without Worry

Pet Door Products pet-friendly vinyl pet door inserts for patio doors and sash windows are easy to install and fit easily into your current lifestyle. Giving your dog or cat the gift of freedom will also mean freedom for you by saving you time from letting your pet in and out, even when you’re at work. Contact Pet Door Product at 801-973-8000 if you have any questions or if you’re ready for your free sliding glass pet door estimate.

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