How to Talk Your Landlord into Letting You Have a Pet

How to Talk Your Landlord into Letting You Have a Pet

Want a pet, but feel like it’s not an option because you rent? With temporary dog doors, including temporary dog door for French doors, and temporary dog door with flap, owning a pet in a rental has never been easier. Our pet door installation team doesn’t just want you to have the best dog door, they want you to be able to actually have the dog (or cat) to go with the door. So here are some tips to help you convince your landlord to welcome your furry friend.

How to Become a Renter as a Pet Owner

Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot of protections for having a pet as a renter with the exception of provisions for service animals and emotional support pets. But this shouldn’t dissuade you, the Humane Society has found that 72% of renters have pets! Here is how it can become one of that 72 %.

Step One: Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

Of course, the easiest way to talk your landlord into letting you have a pet is to find one that already welcomes them. Here are some tips for finding them:

  • Allow extra time for the housing search.
  • Use the internet to research pet-friendly landlords, buildings, management companies.
  • Find a real estate agent who will work with you to find pet-friendly housing.
  • Look for housing in your own network of family, friends, and co-workers.
  • Reach out to social media contacts and say you’re looking for pet-friendly housing.

Step Two: Introducing Your Pet

Whether it’s clear cut that a future cat or dog is welcome, or it’s all been vaguely up in the air until now, you always want to put your best foot forward (or in this case, paw).

  • Create a “pet resume” that can include photos, references and an about section. The Humane Society provides a PDF sample.
  • Invite your landlord or building manager to meet your pet.
  • Let your landlord know how well-suited rental properties are to pets with products such as the pet door for sash windows and our temporary dog door with flap.
  • Be prepared for a larger deposit. While many areas limit the amount of security deposit a landlord can collect, there are often no restrictions around additional deposits for pets. It’s normal to be expected to pay something to allay the fears about potential costs from extra cleaning and other damages.

Step Three: Finalizing the Pet Agreement

Be certain that the final lease that you sign reflects the agreement you have come to regarding your pets. Don’t ever sign a lease forbidding pets with just a verbal agreement you can have one — you may find yourself with a landlord who suddenly changes their mind. Also, commit to writing any agreement regarding a pet deposit and if it is refundable.

Planning to Buy a Pet Door? Pet Door Products is Here to Help!

The Humane Society has actually started a campaign trying to get more pet owners to welcome pets. Here at Pet Door Products, we love the Humane Society, which is why we donate 5% of all proceeds to the Humane Society of Utah. To get the perfect door for your pet, give us a call at(801) 973-8000.

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