Puppy Potty Training Using a Doggy Door: How to Do It

Puppy Potty Training Using a Doggy Door: How to Do It

When you potty train a puppy, you are constantly on alert for when they need to go outside. By inserting a doggy door you give your pet the ability to come and go…quite literally. Learn more about how to use a doggy door safely and securely for when you potty train your dog.

Prep the Doggy Door and the Puppy

Start by corralling the doggy door, such as with a set of baby gates. Your mission is to make it so that your puppy will only have access in and out of the doggy door. This way when they are ready or need to find somewhere to go to the potty, it is outdoor’s they will hopefully go.

Get Puppy’s Attention Outdoors

Next step is easy. Simply walk outside of where the doggy door exits your home. If your puppy comes easily, that is great. They are comfortable with using their new doggy door. Here you will now be able to direct them out the door whenever they experience the call of nature. If they are skittish and afraid or not sure what to do next, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Provide Encouragement

For some puppies, a new environment in your home is already overly stimulating. They may struggle with staying focused when trying to go to the potty. To help:

  • Consider which treats and rewards that you can offer on the other side of the door.
  • Provide them with praise when they make it through the door successfully to see the training time shorten.

Potty Train Puppy

Now that you have your puppy walking through the puppy dog door on their own, it is time to potty train puppy. You can also remove the gates and give them free rein to come and go through the doggy door.

If you are using a potty pad inside, move the potty pad to the outside area beyond the doggy door. When your puppy shows signs of needing to use the potty, encourage them to go through the door. Now provide praise, treats, or rewards whenever your puppy makes it to the potty successfully.

The time to end the rewards is when they come to you expecting a treat after they have gone outside to the puppy potty. You can pat yourself on the back for how you have potty trained your dog.

Get a Doggy Door for Puppy Potty Training

So where do you get a doggy door for your home? Check out Pet Door Products. We sell the best pet door designed exclusively for sliding glass doors. Choose between our easy to install doggie door and our professional installation. We give you the option between more economical DIY and paying more for premium service where we do the handy work.

Energy-Efficient Solutions for Sliding Glass Doors

Learn more about Pet Door Products and our energy-efficient solutions for sliding glass doors outfitted for puppy potty training. Get a free quote today by texting or calling 801-973-8000.

By the way, our doors are great for cats and other small household pets including snakes, turtles, gerbils, and other pocket pets.

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