Finding a low-priced pet door can seem like a great deal as you put it in your real or virtual shopping cart. You’re just happy to get a cheap solution to the problem of providing independent access for your pet. But, you’re likely to soon discover that you’ll be better off upgrading from a bargain-store model to a high-quality pet door. If you’re experiencing a problem like one of those listed below, it’s probably time to upgrade to a better quality pet door for your dog or cat.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Pet Door?

If you have had to replace the flap on your dog door, if the pet door flap is cracking or broken, or if its insulative properties are insufficient, it is not protecting your home’s interior as any human door or pet door is supposed to do. That means your pet door is allowing heat and cold into your home:

Frequently Replacing Broken Parts

People are frequently surprised to discover that shortly after installing a cheap pet door, the frame splits or cracks with use and seasonal temperature changes. If your pet door breaks within a short time after you install it, your best option may be to replace it instead of ordering replacement parts. Then you can take the opportunity to invest in a better quality pet door. Look for a pet door rated to withstand the weather elements in your region. The warranty length is typically a good indicator of how long the manufacturer expects the pet door to last.

Repeatedly Replacing Flaps

It can be very tempting to get the cheapest dog door you see. Unfortunately, as with anything else, generally, you can expect to get what you pay for. So, people often spend more on replacement dog door flaps and other parts over time than they would have paid for a high-performance pet door at the beginning that would last for many years.

Poor Insulation Value

In addition to durability and ease of use, insulative effectiveness is one of the most significant differences between low- and high-quality pet doors. Poor-quality pet doors cost homeowners serious losses in the cost of heating and cooling waste, and they cause HVAC systems to overwork around the clock, all year, every year. That means continuously diminished comfort in the home and higher electricity bills.

It’s An Eyesore

If your pet door is tattered, broken, or looks old and worn out, it may stand out as an aesthetic problem in an otherwise clean and beautiful home, possibly negatively affecting curb appeal too.

What’s The Solution?

A cheaply made pet door may work well in mild climate regions. But, eventually, if you find that you have been spending more on replacing flaps and parts for the pet door or it’s drafty and causing heating and cooling losses, these costs can often easily and quickly exceed the purchase price of the pet door itself! If that’s the situation, it’s probably time to look into replacing the old one with a high-quality pet door. Compare:

Cheap Pet Door: Typically, the maintenance expenses for low-quality pet doors are relatively high, even with normal wear and tear. Those costs can offset your initial savings when you purchased the pet door.

Quality Pet Door: Installing a high-performance dog door can save you significant amounts of money and time over the long term. A high-quality pet door like those made by Pet Door Products is durable and engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Features Of The Endura Flap Pet Door Cover

These are the features of the best pet doors. If your existing dog door does not have these important quality aspects, you are probably not getting the best performance or value for your investment in a pet door for your home:

Withstands Extreme Weather

The Endura Flap® used in all Pet Door Products dog and cat doors is constructed of a highly durable and flexible polymer. The material is manufactured for UV resistance. That means it can help increase your home comfort and protect your possessions. Our dog door for patio doors is effective in temperatures from -40℉ to extreme desert heat, and it withstands winds up to 50 miles per hour.

Designed for Long-Term Durability

The majority of dog door flaps are screwed to the top of the frame. Naturally, sooner or later, the flap material begins to crack or wear out and break off from the bending and creasing each time the dog goes through the door. The Pet Door Products Endura Flap design is much more advanced. The door cover is mounted on a rod that rotates with the pressure of the dog’s movement through the door. This prevents the cover from deteriorating along the top by eliminating the sharp bending motion.

Maximum Insulation Value

Pet Door Products dog and cat doors are uniquely designed to maintain a sealed position even in strong winds. The flap construction, framing, and more strategically positioned magnets around the flap. Together, the components create an ideal balance of seal strength that stays closed in high winds but is still easy for pets to push in and out. This advanced design helps prevent energy loss through the door and helps keep your home comfortable inside regardless of outside temperatures.

Best Energy-Efficient Pet Door

Pet Door Products offers the industry’s best dog door for sliding glass door, wall-mounted pet doors, and window-access cat doors. All of our pet door models feature the weather-tight Endura Flap seal mounted on a vinyl frame. Our state-of-the-art pet doors come in a wide range of sizes. The pet door security panel slide option enables you to secure the door when you want to control your pet’s access.

For information about our top-quality sliding glass pet door and other top designs, call Pet Door Products at (801) 973-8000 or at our website anytime!

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