3 Must-Have Products for Renters with Dogs

3 Must-Have Products for Renters with Dogs

Bringing a pet into the family is an exciting experience. There are new responsibilities and new worries that come along with sharing your home with a pet — especially if that home is a rental property. If you’re contemplating dog adoption, consider purchasing these three products first:

1. A Steam Cleaner

You don’t need to invest in an industrial-strength rug cleaning machine, but having at least a spot cleaner at the ready will save you untold amounts of work and maybe your cleaning deposit. Even a potty trained puppy is going to make messes. As a pet owner, you can look forward to occasional vomit and diarrhea and miscellaneous gross things being dragged into the house. Having a steam cleaner and a good enzyme-based odor eliminator will keep your floors looking and smelling good. And of course, a clean home will keep your landlord satisfied.

2. A Dog Crate

Crate training is good for your puppy and your home. The Humane Society supports crate training and points out how the practice takes advantage of your pup’s natural instincts. Dogs are den animals; a crate provides a safe, secure den-like environment where they can be out of the way to rest and retreat. Crate training will greatly decrease the chances of your pup getting into trouble—or causing damage—while you’re away. Crate training is also helpful for house training as dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom in their dens. For successful crate training remember:

  • A crate should never be used for punishment. It is meant to be a place of safety where the dog enjoys spending time.
  • Puppies under six months should only be created for a few hours at a time.
  • A crate isn’t a dog sitter. Your pet still needs exercise, playtime and your attention to grow into a well-behaved family member.
  • Choose a crate that is or will be large enough for your fully grown dog to stand and turn around it.

3. Pet Doors

Making sure your dog has easy access to its yard isn’t just a good idea, it will help prevent your rental home from being damaged by a bored or anxious pup. Not to mention one that needs to use the bathroom. An “In-the-Glass” door is perfect for renters who have sliding glass doors that open to a pet-safe yard or patio. Dog doors for renters have come a long way since the old days. With innovative security features, easy DIY installation and weather-tight custom fitting a pet door will make pet ownership easier and safer. No more worries about getting home quickly to let the dog out or being interrupted several times a day to take Fluffy outside. Pet doors give your dog more independence, allowing them to enjoy time outdoors when they please.

Pet ownership is a rewarding experience that shouldn’t be limited to homeowners. If you prepare for accidents, train your dog well and give it adequate access to the outdoors using pet doors, you’ll keep your landlord happy, and decrease the likelihood of costly pet damage in your rental home.

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