A new puppy is a precious, charming, fun, cuddly companion who will love you unconditionally. Your home will be alive with adorable puppy energy and aglow with the warmth of priceless puppy affection. Of course, puppies do need and deserve a dog-safe and comfortable home to grow up in with your family. With just some dog essentials, you can make your house an ideal environment for your special little addition to the family.

7 Things Every Dog Owner Must Have!

Dogs are sensitive and highly social, which is what makes them such lovely companions for people. Like humans, they’re also vulnerable to the psychological, emotional, and physical effects of not having the things they need for a good quality of life in the modern world. Here are some of the must-have puppy products for helping your new puppy stay safe, feel secure, be comfortable, learn behaviors, and have fun:


Your new puppy needs a dog tag with either your or your veterinarian’s contact information on it. No matter how diligently you supervise and protect your puppy from wandering away, you need a backup measure in case your puppy is suddenly lost. Buy a soft, flexible, collar, vs. a rigid one, for comfort and to help your pup become accustomed to wearing a collar.


You will need a leash for taking your puppy on walks. Consider a leash that extends to give your puppy more freedom to go a little farther for exploring the roadsides. Practice in advance before leaving the yard with the leash attached. At first, it can seem like a lot to manage between struggling to manage your excited dog and work with this kind of leash. So, get comfortable with using the locking and release mechanism smoothly and quickly as needed to control how far the dog can go away from you.

Portable Water Container

Above all, keep fresh cool water ready for your puppy to drink at will. It’s fundamental to his/her health and wellbeing, especially in hot weather. Your pup needs to be hydrated. Provide a regular stainless steel, ceramic, or heavy plastic dog water bowl. Or, use a unit with a small water dispensing tank to automatically maintain a steady supply of fresh water in the bowl. Make sure the water is cool on hot days. Hot water discourages dogs from drinking during hot weather. Carry a water container with you for your dog when away from home.

Doggie Bed

Your new puppy may whimper, whine, cry, or bark at night from loneliness and boredom after you go to bed. So, you might opt to have your puppy sleep on the foot of your bed for a few nights or longer and later transition him or her to a nearby doggie bed. Buy a comfortable, cozy bed to give your fuzzy little friend restful sleep and to save yourself and your neighbors from frequently being awakened by a barking dog late at night.

Chewable Items

Dogs need things to chew. Veterinarians recommend providing objects for healthy chewing to help clean dogs’ teeth and gums. The chewing helps scrape away a lot of tartar. The chewing also stimulates the secretion of saliva, which cleans a lot of bacteria from a dog's mouth. Keeping the mouth cleaner can help prevent dental problems and improve your dog’s breath. Chew bones or toys are among the best puppy products for oral health, and they provide important opportunities to keep your dog mentally engaged.

Throw and Pull Toys

Choose some toys that are ideal for your dog and you to play with together. For example, rope toys are ideal for tug-of-war games. For throwing and fetching, buy hard balls that fit your dog’s mouth (but that are large enough so that they do not present a choking risk.) Many other dog toys squeak or are easy to toss up in the air and catch, giving your dog exercise and many hours of happy independent playtime. To avoid boredom, keep multiple toys in your dog’s play area for him/her to pick up and run with and toss in the air.

Dog Door

The very best dog products for pets are their own pet doors to access the outdoor and indoor areas of your property. Installing a dog door means you no longer must repeatedly open and close the door for your dog, and your dog is no longer stranded waiting until you’re finished showering, cooking, having a phone meeting, etc., to let him or her out to go to the bathroom. Overall, there’s no ideal substitute for the quality of mental stimulation and physical benefits of abundant outdoor time for a pet animal.

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