Endura Flap is the industry’s leading pet door cover because of its exceptional weather resistance and durability. It is built with strong magnets that combine with the best dog door frames for superior energy efficiency. But, the Endura Flap can be customized to decrease or increase its magnet strength to suit your pet’s physical abilities and unique needs for pet door functionality. Here is the information you need for adjusting the flap’s magnet strength if necessary to accommodate your pet’s needs.

Adjusting the Magnet Strength of Endura Flap

While you are following the recommended process for training your pet to use the pet door, you may determine that you need to reduce or increase the magnet strength to fit your pet’s particular needs:

Reasons for increasing magnet strength:

  • To increase resistance to strong winds
  • To prevent kittens or smaller dogs from using the pet door
  • To increase the energy efficiency of the dog door

Reasons for reducing magnet strength:

  • To train a fearful pet to use the dog door
  • To enable large and small pets to share the same pet door
  • To make it easier for older, perhaps arthritic pets to use the door

To Reduce or Increase Magnet Strength of Endura Flap.

Extra-large and large-sized flaps contain two magnets, and medium and small-sized flaps contain one magnet. Just follow these easy instructions to add, remove, or rearrange magnets in your Endura Flap pet door:

How to Decrease the Strength of a Magnet

Remove magnets from the flap:

  • Remove the retaining clip located along the bottom edge of the flap.
  • Remove the magnets along the bottom edge of the flap.
  • Remove the dog door threshold. That’s the gray piece below the flap that moves up and down. To remove it, slide it to one side, then pull it upward on the other side.
  • Use a long screwdriver or another sturdy narrow tool to push the magnets out of the threshold piece you have removed.

Remove magnets from the frame:

Removing magnets from the flap renders the corresponding magnets on the frame devoid of attraction, but if you still wish to remove them:

  • Remove the magnet cover and magnet from the frame. A flathead screwdriver works well for this task.
  • Remove the magnet cover and frame on the opposite side of the dog door frame too, if desired.

NOTE: To decrease resistance without significantly reducing wind resistance, replace only one of the corner flap magnets. This method works well for cats and small dogs.

How to Increase the Strength of a Magnet

Add magnets to the flap:

  • Slide the threshold (the gray piece that moves up and down below the flap) to one side and pull it upward vertically on the other side to remove it.
  • Take off the retaining clip from the flap bottom.
  • Insert additional magnets in the empty slots of magnet pair spaces along the bottom of the flap.
  • Reattach the retaining clip to keep the magnets in their places on the flap.

Add magnets to the frame:

  • Use a long, narrow, sturdy tool to insert magnets in the gray threshold material on the frame, in spaces that align to connect with the corresponding magnets you inserted in the flap.
  • Reinsert the threshold into the dog door frame.

Why Choose Pet Door Products?

The many advanced features of the Endura Flap, including adjustable magnet strength, make it today’s state-of-the-art doggie door for sliding glass door installation. Be sure to use the parameters for measuring your pet to ensure ideal sizing when ordering your pet door with the Endura Flap from Pet Door Products.

For questions about the Endura Flap or to order your energy-efficient dog door or cat door, call Pet Door Products at (801) 973-8000 or contact us here online anytime!

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