The best efforts of homeowners who invest in energy-efficient windows and doors can be undermined by aging or poorly designed pet doors. In fact, many lower-quality dog doors are sources of continuous major heating and cooling losses. Inferior doggie doors can also be extremely inefficient for protection from blowing dust. In this blog, you will learn…

If your existing pet door is detrimental to your home’s energy efficiency, below are some things to consider as you look for today’s best energy-efficient doggie door.

How Can I Tell If I Should Replace My Dog Door?

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself in evaluating the condition of your existing pet door. If your answer to any of these is “yes,” replacing your outdated doggy door with a new energy-efficient pet door can save heating and cooling waste and help make your home more comfortable.

Does the Dog Door Flap Need To Be Replaced?

It can seem like a great bargain to buy a cheap dog door, but predictably, many consumers find themselves replacing lower-quality pet flaps and entire doors frequently. You can avoid spending more, time on replacement costs and higher electricity bills than the cost of a higher-quality dog door, by choosing a durable, energy-efficient pet door.

Is the Pet Door Frame Cracked or Broken on Any Parts?

Often, cheap pet doors are manufactured with weaker materials and lesser quality workmanship. If your pet door frame is cracked or has broken parts, it’s probably time to replace it with a more durable pet door model that will withstand rough weather and continuous wear from highly active pet animals.

Is the Dog Door Letting Cold and Heat Into the House?

An insufficient dog door can be overlooked as a source of significant loss of heating and cooling dollars. Installing a dog door with a higher insulation value can make a noticeable difference in home comfort and in electricity costs, especially in regions with extreme weather conditions. Pet Door Products sliding glass pet door designs offer your choice of Low-E glass options, for optimal energy efficiency.

Is the Pet Door an Eyesore?

Lower-quality designs are responsible for many thousands of poorly functioning and unsightly pet doors throughout the country. If you are investing in upgrades for your home, replacing an old dog door with an attractive state-of-the-art petsafe sliding glass pet door can add value and serve the aesthetics of your home’s beautiful interior and exterior design.

Dog Doors Built for High Energy Efficiency

Dog door parts replacement costs and higher home energy costs are common problems with low-quality pet doors. The cheaper price causes the pet door to become more costly over time than a high-quality dog door.
For an extraordinarily durable and ideally weather-sealed pet door that will withstand a lifetime of climate extremes in our Utah environment, the Endura Flap Pet Door delivers the best dog door performance. Here are just a few of the outstanding construction features of these amazing pet doors:

Energy-Efficient Design

Pet Door Products’ attractive dog doors are ruggedly built and uniquely designed for outstanding functionality. For example:
  • Swivel Rod — Unlike ordinary pet door designs with screws holding the doggie door flap at the top, our Endura Flap is designed to swivel freely on a sturdy rotating rod. This prevents cracking that diminishes the life of typical pet doors.
  • Secure Seal — Instead of just a single magnet at the bottom of the flap, as most dog doors have, the Endura Flap features magnets lining both sides and the bottom, for a secure seal against wind, rain, dust, and insects.

Superior Door Flap

The strong, high-grade construction of the Pet Door Products dog door offers a safe entry for active pets of any size to run through freely, while it protects your home from energy waste.
  • The Endura Flap is made of high-grade polyolefin polymer, for unparalleled strength and flexibility. This world-class dog door cover includes UV blocking agents. The Endura Flap withstands extreme heat, cold temperatures as low as minus 40℉, and high winds (up to 50 mph), without cracking.
  • The Endura Double Flap for door or wall mount is an advanced dog door design that provides maximum resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Higher Insulation Value

The energy-efficiency features of the Pet Door Products dog door can increase home comfort, reduce monthly electricity costs, and help the environment by reducing energy waste.
  • The unique door flap of our advanced pet door design fits and seals much more securely around the entire perimeter of the opening. Strong magnets create the ideal seal against extreme weather.
  • The maximum-durability frame construction is highly resistant to cracking or deterioration from exposure to extreme weather and continuous heavy use by highly active dogs.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Dog Door

When your dog door flap is in poor condition, or parts of the frame are cracked or broken, replacing the dog door with a more durable, energy-efficient doggy door can save costs in the long run. Heating and cooling that is escaping all year long through a poorly sealed opening means your pet door is likely costing you more than the price of an upgraded model over time. It may also be compromising your ability to control the temperature in some rooms of your home and causing your HVAC system to work harder.
Upgrading to a high-quality pet door can save money on replacement door flaps and frame parts and home electricity bills. The Pet Door Products 15-year warranty also assures you that you won’t face costs and inconvenience of replacing your pet door or parts for many years to come.

Why Choose Pet Door Products?

Pet Door Products builds among the world’s best energy-efficient pet doors in our Utah manufacturing facility. You can choose DIY Endura Flap pet door installation or our professional installation service for a small additional fee.
In addition to the exceptional door flap and seal of our energy-efficient pet door, our innovative pet door product features a security panel that slides to cover the opening, whenever you may want your pet to stay inside or outside.

For more information about our energy-efficient dog door, call Pet Door Products, Salt Lake City, Utah at (801) 973-8000, or contact us online anytime!

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