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The Best Cat Door for Windows

Until recently, pet doors were just for dogs. Now your cat can have the new freedom of a window pet door! One of the best current innovations in quality lifestyle products for cats is our pet doors for windows! No more waiting at the door for you to let him or her out or in. You’ll be free too! No more dropping everything to tend the door for your cat(s). But, if you’re having trouble finding the right cat door for your pet’s needs, we’ve got the solution for you.



This unique pet door window insert gives your cat(s) and you the great luxury of no longer dealing with the ceaseless needs at the door. You get this new freedom without the more complex installation process necessary with other pet door solutions. For example, there’s no need to cut through the layers of a wall, through a solid-core exterior door, or a large sliding glass door panel. 

Pet Door Products offers this ideal cat door for window installation as well as the full range of other excellent pet door choices to suit virtually any installation location you prefer. 

Why Do Many Cats Prefer A Window-Access Cat Door? 

The new pet door for windows offers a game-changing solution for cats that are much more comfortable and accustomed to going out and in through a window. If given a choice, most cats prefer going in and out through a window or other access point well above ground level. But why?

Cats naturally feel more secure in higher places above the reach of unfamiliar animals. Whether there are any around or not, cats are instinctively wary of unexpectedly encountering potential ground-level dangers in their vicinity. There are multiple other natural reasons why cats enjoy being in higher locations.

Cat Door for Window Sash

Much like the way our popular cat door for sliding glass doors mounts directly into the sliding glass door panel, the Pet Door Products cat door for a sash window installs directly into the window track. But, no tools are necessary to install the sash window cat door! You can just open your window sash to the height of the cat door panel insert and then pull the window down to close against the cat door window panel. This makes the sash window cat door the easiest of all pet door installations, by far! 

Energy-Efficient Cat Door for Windows

The Pet Door Products sash window cat door is a highly energy-efficient pet door cover. This state-of-the-art cat door features the Endura Flap thermal insulating polyolefin polymer flap — the highest-performance pet door cover made today. This advanced pet door design is available in the complete range of flap sizes to accommodate all domestic cats, from small kittens to extra-large adult cats. They’re also available in a variety of colors.

The sash window cat door is designed for adjustment to fit a range of window configurations snugly. Because it requires no tools for installation, it’s ideal for vacation homes, rental properties, etc. 

Even in severe weather, the Pet Door Products sash window cat door provides effective insulation to –40 degrees Fahrenheit. That makes this exceptional cat door maximally energy-efficient to help keep electricity bills low. The low-E glass of the side window panel helps minimize heat loss, Plus, the flap features adjustable magnets for airtight energy sealing and to keep the pet door closed and secure in high winds (up to 50mph)! 

The pet door for sash windows also has a secure locking cover, so you can control your cat’s exiting and entering whenever needed. 

Ordering The Best Pet Door For Window Installation

Pet Door Products, Salt Lake City, Utah, manufactures advanced pet doors in a wide range of sizes and designs that can be installed in virtually any location in your home. These include our popular cat door for sliding glass door, solid exterior door mount, wall mount, and, of course, our innovative sash window mount cat door. 

For information about cat doors or to order, call Pet Door Products (801) 973-8000, or use our online contact request form and give your cat and yourself the gift of freedom today! 

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