Are you curious about why your dog sleeps in certain positions? Many people wonder what their pets may be thinking about or feeling that causes them to choose some of the positions they pick for sleeping. It’s a good idea to take a little time to notice the position of your pet when he or she falls asleep. After all, dog sleeping positions can reveal clues about your pet’s physical health, mental state, comfort, and happiness. You just need to know what these mean.

What Do My Dog’s Sleep Positions Mean?

The body position your dog normally chooses for sleeping, where she/he sleeps, and who he sleeps near can indicate how a dog is feeling, whether he has injuries, age-related aches, and soreness. Look for any possible signs of pain, temperature issues, anxiety, happiness, contentment, etc.

Here are some of the most common sleep positions for dogs and what these may mean if your dog is sleeping in one of these ways or alternates between several of these positions every day and night. (We’ve opted to forego the multiple common cute nicknames for each sleep position.)

On The Side

This is one of the most popular positions dogs choose for sleeping. Lying in this position exposes a dog’s vital organs. So, you can assume that your dog is probably feeling safe, secure, and comfortable when he’s sleeping this way.

On the Stomach With Legs Stretched Out

Very active dogs often sleep in this position, as if they’re ready to spring up into action at any moment a noise or movement occurs. They want to be ready to rise up and run. So, lying in this position makes it easy for him to get to his feet instantly to play or go for a walk.

On the Back with Paws Up In The Air

Dogs often enjoy sleeping on their backs with their abdomen exposed and paws reaching for the sky as a way to stay cooler in hot weather. Lying with the stomach exposed helps keep the body cooler. It can also mean your dog is feeling especially comfortable and carefree.

Curled In a Ball

When a dog curls up to sleep, that behavior may indicate that he is feeling insecure in the surroundings or that he is simply cold. If the area is cold, try a blanket. If your dog seems anxious, try comforting him. But, if it’s a habit, he may just like to sleep that way.

Back-to-Back or Snuggled Up

If your dog sleeps with his back pressed against the backs of other pets or yours, he is likely feeling affectionate and takes this position. It’s a natural way of strengthening bonds with their other pet buddies and people.

Dog Sleeping Positions Meaning

It’s recommended that you pay some attention to the dog sleeping position your pet usually chooses. Try to understand what the various dog sleep positions can mean. Being aware of the sleep positions your dog most frequently uses and of changes in those ways of sleeping can help you recognize possible needs for adjustments in daily diet, exercise, and/or other routines to help your dog. It can also help you identify the possible need for a veterinary examination.

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