Top Four Signs It’s Time To Get A Pet Door

Top Four Signs It’s Time To Get A Pet Door

As much as we love our pets, they can also be a lot of work. The reality is, sharing our lives with a living creature can require sacrifice. Fortunately, living with pets can also be an extremely rewarding experience. It can be even more rewarding if we take a few steps to make things easier on our furry friends. Installing a pet door is one of the best accommodations available to owners.

Here are the top four signs that it is time to get a pet door.

Your Pet Is Restless or Bored Inside

Let’s face it, some pets require more exercise or entertainment than others. If your furry friend tends to destroy furniture or shoes, they may need more time outside. Frequent indoor zoomies can also be an indicator of a need for more space. Instead of placing more restrictions on an already stifled pet, consider a pet door. The freedom to roam a yard whenever they want could ease behavioral issues that stress both parties.

Your Pet Has Accidents When You Can’t Let Them Out

Anyone with a dog has probably experienced surprise potty accidents. There is nothing quite like discovering a puddle while walking in the middle of the night. Imagine getting home exhausted after a late night only to realize Fido wasn’t able to hold it until you got home. Even the most expertly potty trained pup can’t help the occasional sudden urge. As unpleasant as these surprises are for us, your pet would also love a better option.

It Becomes a Frequent Hassle to Let the Pet In or Out

Most dog owners have had a peaceful snooze interrupted by a pet with bathroom needs. During hot, rainy, or cold weather, pets sometimes can’t decide if they want to be in or outdoors. Some pets literally just want the door opened, so they can decide if they want to go out. If you have a pet that requires constant door opening, maybe it is time to let them open their own doors.

You Want to Reward Yourself or Give Your Pet a Gift

Life can be difficult. Sometimes you just want to do something nice for yourself. Giving your pet their own door may mean you can sleep a little longer in the morning. You can drive home a little more relaxed if you know your pet can get out if needed. Maybe you just want to give your pet the freedom to use the bathroom or stretch their legs. Increasing your furry friend’s options can make them feel more loved and comfortable.

Pet doors can be one of the best investments in comfort for the entire family. No other toy or cute outfit provides as much accommodation to the pet and peace of mind to the owner. If these signs apply to you, contact us today to talk about how you can give your pet a little more freedom. Visit for more information!

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